Our first ever sharedrop goes live

Our first ever sharedrop goes live

By ScreenTag | ScreenTag | 2 Dec 2020

We are delighted to share with the community the news and details on our first ever sharedrop, that went live today.

Before anything, what is a sharedrop?

Sharedrops are distributions of shares of stock in a company to individuals or businesses willing to support a company in a non-financial manner - often called brand ambassadors. For those of you familiar with the term, airdrops are exactly the same thing, but instead of shares of stock, participants receive tokens or points.

Sharedrops are not public offers of shares, since the stock distribution has zero transactional value - e.g. the shares are offered for free.

Are shares offered in a sharedrop same as any other shares?

Most often they are, but it always depend on how each company decides to offer their shares to its brand ambassadors. At ScreenTag we are committed to simplify things, and thus having only one class of stock. So, shares distributed in our sharedrop are exactly the same as anyone else's. Each share carries one vote, and has equal rights of distribution of profits or assets.

Form of stock in offer

We are offering our stock in either digital paper or ERC-20 token format (under code SCRTG). To the best of our knowledge, the shares in offer are the first tokenized security. However, for those who feel uncomfortable with their shares represented by ERC-20 tokens, digital paper form is also available.

How you can claim shares

First, you have to register as a shareholder. Unlike utility tokens, or points in an anonymous card, stockholders in a company must be identifiable persons (either people or organizations). Before you proceed with your application, read this post: https://www.publish0x.com/screentag/how-to-qualify-for-our-stock4share-program-xnqlkqy.

Step 1: Register here: https://www.screentag.mobi/sharedrop/. You will receive an e-mail from our onboarding team with your investor code. You will need this code for your next step.

Step 2: Reply or comment on the posts listed in the resources section with your investor code, using your primary account for each platform. Only reply or comment on the platform you intend sharing our future posts and campaigns, to earn more shares. This will allow us to connect your social media profile to your investor account, so we can credit your shares properly. This also allows us to confirm that you control the registered profile. Once we have completed your registration, we will notify you to share our Stock4Share social media posts on your profiles, and credit your first stock.

Please note: We may not accept social media profiles with fewer than 50 followers/connections, or profiles that are created for sharing promotions (aka spammy profiles). If you feel our opportunity is not worth sharing it with your friends, it would be better for all of us to just skip it.

Please also note: We do not process your applications automatically, so it may take some time to receive your code (not more than 5-6 hours). If you have not received your investor code within 12 hours - always check your spambox as well - contact us at frontdesk@screentag.mobi, to investigate.

In addition, you may earn more shares, by sharing future social media posts or pages in our website, with friends and/or followers. Again details are provided in our welcome message. For each share, you earn one stock. Bear in mind though, that stocks are distributed monthly in badges of 10 - so if you have accumulated fewer than 10 shares, the shares you have accumulated will roll-over to the next month.

Shares you receive are not immediately tradeable

Since ScreenTag is currently a privately-owned company, you can only sell your shares in a private transaction (e.g. in a P2P exchange). We plan though to have our stock (both paper and tokenized) publicly traded (listed) by the end of 2023.

Additional perks

From time to time we will be offering additional perks to brand ambassadors demonstrating strong commitment.

For this month, we will be offering:

  • 1st perk: 50 BAT or cash of equal value (current value: about $10.00)
  • 2nd perk: 0.015 ETH or cash of equal value (current value: about $11.00)
  • 3rd perk: All our AMPL accumulated earnings on Publish0x up until December 31st (currently, over 14.50 AMPL - about $14.50)
  • 4th-10th perks: A $5 ScreenTag gift certificate

Winners will be announced on January 4th.

Limited time offer

Due to SEC regulations, we can only accept a limited number of new stockholders. To comply with this, our sharedrop will remain open for registrations up until midnight of December 31st EST.

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