stemit Adsense - dclick

By schingam | schingam | 5 Jan 2019

Yes! you can monetize steemit posts and can earn money.

Dclick simply we can call it as a steemit adsense, which works on pay per click model. for every click you earns certain amount of money, at present pay per click is around $0.15 it can vary according to traffic.

How to get payout :- 

Earnings are paid native DCLICK tokens, as of now SMT is in development phase payouts are given as steemit post upvotes unti190903265-6dc3d0c5e54db51077e1417ab3f24380d9c304027be57170ed57fdd531a1df0f.pngl tokens are live. Minimum payout is $2.

some members are earning arour $50 per day.

Link of dclick :-

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