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Cloud mining scams are still out there here are two of which you should be aware.

By Jreck | Scamaware | 28 Jan 2021

I got recommended by a user to give this article on exclusively But I got another similar to it.

Guys, I got recommended by a user and that is what makes me happy. I am helpin people and you also. Get going to the gist. This website has a lotta false claims on their website that they make to their users. Now let me tell y'all that everything is false. There are two types of investment that is bitcoin and ethereum. You get 20 dollar per 1000 GH/s and 1400 roughly on ethereum contract. It is a one year contract. Or two years. The website has used attractive themes and widgets to make you believe it is a professional service provider. When you buy the contract you will start recieving interest but wait you don't get paid. You never get paid until you drive one more investor under you. They don't mention this term and fool. They say they give 24/7 support but actually you will know that when you text them they don't reply. Flying in air. LMFAO. Really it has been a scam shit. See the image down.


Guys that site is recommended by a user who commented me. Well I get you one like that. And this one has also a fake plan to outwit. Well guys you mighta not heard this cuz it is new. Now you have to know it and let others know about it. Would help you and your caring ones. Now this site offers you 100 GH/s on signup and when you see the profit it goes all the way up. You feel like withdrawing that and for that ask you to upgrade. They offer a very small amount of upgrade starting from 10 to 1000 dollars per contract. For that 10 dollar of upgrade you would have accumulated 'round 100 to 400 dollars. You will obviously upgrade to get that money 💰 sack. But no after payment you don't receive any reply from them, you don't get any attention as though you were never a user to their site. They offer 6 percent on indefinite basis which means you get upto 6 percent. This has been a real bad time joke. See the picture.


Guys that is it for these scammers and I shall find more of these to make you aware and of course me cuz even I am a human. Even I get in traps. However you all take a deep breath and rest with some tap dance or Latino musica. 

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I am a snappy snazzy and cool chap who is finding ways to help people in all terms be it earning or spending. Stay tuned to my profile and have your knowledge improved with great extent.


Name signifies the use of my blog but wait these(scams) all are experienced by me with all its process. This place is where you find most of the rising scams proving to be legit but of course it ain't. You have to be aware of these and for that you have to see into the junk of scams in my blog. I experience scams and investigate and then conclude. Welcome to the world of scams. Lol.

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