Free Litecoin (LTC) App : How Good Is It vs Free Bitcoin Cash (BCH) App?

By SBenbow | SBenbow | 30 Mar 2021

This is a follow on from my previous faucet post about Free Bitcoin Cash (BCH) App : Does It Pay?

As before I assume that you are reading Publish0x to expand your Crypto knowledge and to obtain/tip micro earnings.

This time I have been experimenting with Free Litecoin (LTC) by Bitcoin Aliens.  As it is so similar to Free Bitcoin Cash I really wanted to see if Free Litecoin pays out better or worse.


Signing Up

You can download the app from the Google Play store.  Just search for "Bitcoin Aliens" (or you could help me and use my referral link).  It installs very quickly and all you need is an email address to get started.  You don't even need to validate the email address.

For payouts you need to have a Litecoin (LTC) wallet address.   I used my LTC wallet address from Coinbase without any problems.



Using the App(s)

I won't go into details about how the Free Litecoin App works (you can read my previous post for those details) but this time I wanted to understand whether it was Better, Worse, or The Same as the Free Bitcoin Cash app.  To do this I :

  • Only used Free BCH on "spins" and "bonus spins" (no surveys) to see what average weekly payout I would get
  • Used Free Litecoin on "spins", "bonus spins", and surveys to see how much fiat equivalent I could earn (as I had done this already with Free Bitcoin Cash)

As BCH and LTC are different Crypto currencies, there are different minimum payout levels.  It is 10,000 Satoshi for Free Bitcoin Cash, and 100,000 Litoshi for Free Litecoin.  I had no idea how much a Litoshi was worth in fiat equivalent, but I was willing to give it a go in the name of research and see if I get a good or bad surprise at the end.


Does it work?

Straight to the point.  Yes, Free Litecoin does work and pays out. 

I used the same number of "spins" and "bonus spins" on both apps at the same time, and I completed 10 surveys on Free Litecoin.  I also found that completing surveys on one app removed them from the other app.  I assume that there is a cookie or link to your sign up email address that the survey companies use to track and make sure you are not answering multiple surveys from different platforms - which is understandable.

Payouts are weekly on a Tuesday.  Over the week I earnt 178,208 LTC Litoshi - and you can see from the screenshots below that it was paid out early Tuesday morning.

d091db8d318a4c3f3bbacc6b253830efddd4fb2c090591658313603e19b8b5f0.jpg     a989dbc1c2ef251133bb58614d71498f6f13025d025d82e1aa441737bbac0e4b.jpg



Free Bitcoin Cash paid out the equivalent of £0.05 (14,486 Satoshi)

Free Litecoin paid out the equivalent of £0.25 (178,209 Litoshi)

From experience of Free Bitcoin Cash over the past few weeks I would have had to complete far more than 10 surveys to earn the £0.20 differential between the two apps.

Free Litecoin therefore is better than Free Bitcoin Cash for me.

But the real win is using both apps.  I will be using "Spins" and "Bonus Spins" on both apps, and just taking surveys on Litecoin as they return more money per survey.  I won't say no to £0.10-£0.50 per week for watching ads in my spare time :-)


Good Luck with all your micro-earnings!

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