Free Bitcoin Cash (BCH) App : Does It Pay?

By SBenbow | SBenbow | 23 Mar 2021

I would guess that you have signed up to Publish0x to expand your Crypto knowledge and to obtain/tip micro earnings.

And you are probably interested in other micro-earning sites as well.  There certainly seem to be a plethora out there to try!

But how good are they?  Do they pay out?  How hard or time consuming is it? 

I have been experimenting with Free Bitcoin Cash (BCH) by Bitcoin Aliens.  It is an android mobile phone based app and here is what I have found out :

Signing Up

You can download the app from the Google Play store.  Just search for "Bitcoin Aliens" (or you could help me and use my referral link).  It installs very quickly and all you need is an email address to get started.  You don't even need to validate the email address.

For payouts you need to have a Bit Coin Cash (BCH) wallet address.  I used my BCH wallet address from Coinbase without any problems.  I had not realised that after every transaction Coinbase provides a new wallet address (I later realised this was for Coinbase security reasons) and I panicked at first.  But do not worry - you can use the same existing wallet address for all future payouts and the BCH will still arrive in your account so you don't need to update your details every week.


Using the App

Every hour you get two free "spins".  You can earn various amounts of BCH Satoshi ranging from 20 Satoshi to 100,000 Satoshi.  My average is around 100 Satoshi per spin.  You can have more spins if you watch a paid advert (up to 30 seconds long) after which you get another 2 or 3 spins.  You can watch 4 or 5 adverts in a row if you wish to try and get a higher amount of Satoshi.

There are also "Bonus" spins.  These are lower in value - between 20 to 120 Satoshi but probably averaging around 50-60 Satoshi.  You can do 4 to 8 of these before a timer kicks in and you have wait anywhere between a couple of hours to 5 hours before more bonus spins become available.  To be eligible for the Bonus spin you just have to watch a paid advert (up to 30 seconds long).

I tend to just click "play" on the adverts, and carry on with some work.  Come back a few minutes later and claim the Satoshi.

Other ways to earn include installing games and playing to a certain level (I have never done this as I don't like/trust installing random games on my phone).  You can also take part in surveys.  These can actually be good fun, and earn you a lot more Satoshi than the "spins", but they can also be time consuming.  They are also frustrating if you have entered in some details and the survey then screens you out as "not part of the target group".  They can also sometimes ask for too much "personal information" - and I just exit these polls.  The main polls i have tried are Pollfish and BitLabs Surveys


Does it work?


I was initially skeptical.  But I have been using the app for 3 weeks now and it pays out every time.  Payouts are weekly on a Tuesday - see my phone screenshot below.


Will you get rich?


10,000 Satoshi is around £0.03.  Over the three weeks I have used the app I have made 55,000 Satoshi ; 81,000 Satoshi ; and 28,000 Satoshi.

This is around £0.20 ; £0.30 ; and £0.10 - a total of £0.60 over 3 weeks.

This was a combination of free "spins" ; advert "spins" ; and doing polls. 

If you just want to do free spins - as a guide I have been using the app today from 07:00 to 12:00 and have made 1250 Satoshi.  This includes going on the school run, and doing my normal "day job".   So within a week it would be relatively easy to earn 10,000 Satoshi without doing polls.

I have decided this week to only do free spins and bonus spins to see how much I can rack up.  No surveys or other offers to top it up.  Let's see what happens by next Tuesday.


Is it worth it?

Well, if you use it to fill in some spare time, whilst waiting for the kids on the school run, before that Teams/Zoom work, or whilst your wife is channel hopping and can't decide what TV program we are all going to watch, then Yes, it is worth it.  Little and often - think of it like earning interest (which is more than most banks are offering!). 

If you are into doing polls and fit their target audience, then you will earn more.

If you are a serious investor, and have loads of money and trades per day, then No.  You will make (or loose) more on Crypto exchanges.  But for a small time investor and newbie like me, then it adds little bits of money to various pots, and allows me to play with Crypto to understand how it all works.  Will I be using it in 6 months time?  I doubt it, but it will have aided me in my initial journey into Crypto.


Free Litecoin

This is another app by Bitcoin Aliens.  It works along exactly the same principles.  I have only just installed Free Litecoin today so we will see how it does.  Payout minmium is 100,000 Litoshi - but you get more "Litoshi" per spin than "Satoshi".  I'm assuming this is due to the price of BCH vs LTC, and that on average the payouts in £'s equivalent will be the same. 

I'm thinking that every hour I can use spins on both Free Bitcoin Cash and Free Litecoin, and that each week I will hopefully have around £0.10 - £0.50 in free Crypto.  If you would like to use Litecoin and help me too, here is my referral link.


Good Luck with all your micro-earnings!

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