Success! Instars Now Allows Users to Earn Free DAI and EOS Tokens Simultaneously

Success! Instars Now Allows Users to Earn Free DAI and EOS Tokens Simultaneously

By Sal Miah | Sal's Articles | 12 Feb 2020

Instars recently announced a partnership with DAI now means that users of the platform can both earn free EOS and DAI tokens at the same time. The partnership between the two is a match-maker’s delight, with both platforms complementing each other services productively.

Instars and Market DAO have the common goal of fueling blockchain adoption. Both are leveraging their services to better each other in the decentralized ecosystem.

Maker DAO is the only stablecoin provider whose stablecoin is backed by actual decentralized products. DAI, MakerDAO’s stablecoin, is backed by collateralized smart contracts on the Ethereum network. This is unique to DAI as other stablecoin are backed by fiat currencies such as USD.

Through Maker DAO, the unbanked population of the world has easy access to banking services. Furthermore, the platform offers a rarity in the banking sector, positive interest rates on deposits.

Currently, banks are moving to or are considering negative interest rates on deposits due to the changes and challenges of the industry.

Similarly, Instars are disrupting the data market industry. The platform is powered by ethically collected user data. Users are compensated for the data they provide while data consumers are assured of ethically collected user data. The platform is a model data research and collection center.

Accessing a Larger Market


In line with blockchain adoption, the partnership between Maker DAO and Instars will result in reaching a wider market for both service providers.

In Maker DAO’s case, Instars is listing their stablecoin, DAI, as an earning option on their earn free cryptocurrency platform. The platform is composed of over 200,000 members globally, with the numbers increasing daily.

By listing DAI, Instars has opened a new market to Maker DAO, which may be crucial for the future of Maker DAO. Similarly, users of the stablecoin will have the chance to expand their cryptocurrency portfolio through Instars.

For Instars, the partnership gives them access to already existing DAI users. Because of the DAI listing, DAI users will likely have access to Instars services payable via the stablecoin.

For both parties, the partnership means increased trading of their cryptocurrencies in global exchanges. Increased trading will fuel demand and increase awareness, which will, in turn, positively affect the prices of the cryptocurrencies.

Through their partnership, Instars and Maker DAO will effectively increase the chances of blockchain adoption.

Instars Users Can Now Earn up to $3000 DAI Free Tokens


To kick off their partnership, Instars is running a promotion exclusively for their US market with potential incorporation into other regions as well in due time.

US users of the platform can earn 5 DAI, which is worth $5, per successful referral of the Instars platform. For a referral to be successful, the referee must join the Instars platform and use the receipt capture feature at least thrice.

The referee will be earning 0.1–0.3 DAI for every receipt upload they successfully execute. Thus, both the referrer and the referee earn free cryptocurrency for undertaking simple platform activities.

Through the promotion, Instars, and Maker DAO will be reaching out to more people to join the blockchain ecosystem as its success is based on the numbers that adopt the revolutionary technology.

Instars and DAO will likely run more of such promotions in the future to increase uptake of their services.

Delivering as Promised

Instars are already on the good side of its users. The platform is sticking to the plans they had set at the beginning of the year.

The partnership with DAO is the first of many promises made by the data research experts. Instars promised to deliver a partnership with a stablecoin at the beginning of 2020, and they have done just that through partnering with Maker DAO.

With its current run, Instars can easily meet all their set goals and even surpass them by the end of the year.

Stay tuned for more to come from the Instars team!

Disclaimer: Please only take this information as my OWN opinion and should not be regarded as financial advice in any situation. Please remember to DYOR before making any decisions.

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