TRX Mining [Scam]

By cryptne3d | Saikot's blog | 13 Mar 2022

One thing has been going on for some time now. Trx Mining site offers interest over 6% per day for different periods. Such sites have been seen for a long time, but lately, it seems that their functionality is increasing. I have seen many videos or posts and even sponsored ads to invest in these scam sites. (A friend of mine even invested in a site like this suggested me to invest in such sites)
The functionality of these sites is that they will ask you to invest some amount, and they will pay 5/6/8/10% interest every day till the specified time. Many people invest because it seems like a lucrative offer, even if the mining sites pay out a lot, but at some point, the site is gone, or your account is blocked.
Let's think deeply,
Trx was never a mining coin. Tron blockchain runs on the POS (Proof of Stake) method, which means that mining TRX is never possible in this blockchain. Mining is only possible in the POW (Proof of Work) blockchain, i.e., in coins like Bitcoin or Ethereum, the rest of the altcoins are mostly POS. Now a website running on a whole lie, there is no guarantee of how many days it will pay you out.
To make it more clear, if someone stakes up on the Tron platform, he gets 7/8% per year; how can a site offer 7% per day.
It is often seen that such a site has been paying for a long time, which means that they are waiting for a significant investment; if a user makes a big investment, then you will see that the site has been scammed.
Many people think, hey, let's invest a little bit, and it'll bring some profits. But believe me, these sites are still scamming people even after 2022 for this kind of thinking and investment.
I want to give a beautiful example:
Many people may know MLM's business spark; the more you refer, the more profit you make, or if your referral makes another referral, you will get a bonus. Some of these schemes were well spread in our area, and I saw many people investing a good 20/30 thousand BDT; fortunately, after scamming the site or scheme, many of them somehow managed to withdraw investment money. But the thing to think about here is that one of my friends refers to 10/12 more people, and they all lose. My friend was happy because he didn't face the losses, but he never thought the company would disappear with so much money, with 10/12 people losing for him alone.
This is something to think about; I hope everyone understands. Our one suggestion about a scammy project would become a loss for others. If you search for Trx Mining on YouTube, you will understand how useless these videos are. Like me, these YouTubers should probably do a bit of distant maintenance because they are sharing an investment plan that has no future or no fundamental analysis. Maybe they will say in videos that these sites will scam at any time but think, why would you invest in these sites, why we should encourage these kinds of works?

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