Rašica in fog [Exhaust Running Community Report, December 6th 2020]


Sunday morning, at 7 am. It's a foggy day after some rain during the night. The snow from the last days is melting away.

The plan is to run early and have ample time for activities of the day including breakfast with the family.

The goal is to run the classical way up to the top of Rašica hill. It's the way you know well by now if you follow my running adventures.

The valley is drenched in fog. The snow is turning into puddles and mud on the road. While I am running by the deer enclosure my heart hurts. Why are the beautiful creatures locked inside the fence? I don't dare to answer this question.



Above the village of Rašica, this is the point when I usually immerge out of the fog. Today the clouds cover the sky. It will rain later.



Almost seven kilometers into the run I am already by the closed mountain hut. Locked down so to say. Wrapped in red tape.

While the bar for humans is locked the dogs have their bar still open.

At the top of rašica tower. All the way up I didn't meet a soul. No wonder in such bleak weather. Nevertheless, I am satisfied.

Vien towards Šmarna gora.

Ljubljana is hidden in the sea of fog too.

It's too warm for the snow to be icy. Yet every step is still a small strength exercise with all the slipping and sliding. My shoes )Inov-8 Roclite 350) are good and have strong soles. It helps a lot.

Going down and back into the foggy web.

One hundred minutes and thirteen kilometers later I am back home. In time for a hot shower and delicious breakfast.

#automaticwin was achieved with ease and pleasure.

I love it when the altitude profile shows a picture like this.

The map.

Now our family Sunday can start.

All the physical activity data that I display is gathered with the help of Coros Pace sports watch and displayed with Coros app.

Better and better

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Running Adventures of a Streak Runner
Running Adventures of a Streak Runner

What is a 'streak runner', you might ask? It is a person who runs every day. In my case, two miles is a minimum. I've been doing this stunt for 502 days already, since July the 3rd 2019. On that fine day, I decided it's better to run every day and be happy than to run occasionally and be grumpy. YOu are welcome to follow me and my runs. Every day if you wish :)

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