exploration behind Trzin

Sunday morning at 8:30. After a rainy night, there is a hint of sun t first. Yet, it quickly turns into a drizzle that accompanies me throughout the run. That and the mud.



The goal was:

  • to run 10 K with some hills
  • to explore the hills to the southwest of the Trzin commercial area.

A complete success it was.



Lots of climbs, many new paths, some even weren't paths. Off-trail, mud, exploring the cleared areas under electricity lines.

Three encounters with fire lizards. No thorny branches. Easy climbs and downhills. Lots of photos.

I'll share with you some of them. Enjoy if you like rainy forest photos.

Morning view over cloud-covered Črnuče.

Into the valley behind the first climb and up in the woods, off-trail.

Salming Trail 5 shoes are reasonably dirty by now.

Forest can be beautiful even on a day like this one.

Somebody has lost her(?) gloves.

The first fire-lizard encounter.

Muddy forest roads.

Running under the leylines. I was there minutes ago.

Back in the civilization, the entry road into the Magpie's valley.

It was a great and fun run.

Later it started to snow.

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Running Adventures of a Streak Runner
Running Adventures of a Streak Runner

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