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By Wynqarrin | Runesrealms | 20 Apr 2021

 PLEASE NOTE; My Star Wars inspired stuff has NOTHING to do with H.P. Lovecraft, just to say.
 But I really enjoy this composer's works and want to help get him better exposure.

 I need a download service so that my audience can download my books and I can get paid. Now my question is;

 'Do any of you out there know of one that accepts Cryptocurrencies as well as normal/mainstream methods of payment??'

 I've been doing a lot of searching, and haven't found anything that promising in regards to Crypto-friendly download services/platforms, which is why I am asking you, as you out there in the readership and fellow Blogwriters here have considerably more knowledge than I do.

 That said, I'm taking the opportunity to make some adjustments in Book One because of a variant of Murphy's Law as applicable to Writers: Some good ideas came up AFTER I'd sent it in to be Published originally and am preparing things for the upcoming release. I am considering setting up a separate blog JUST for handling things related to my book series as that would make things easier on myself and my audience by way of better organization and compartmentalization.


 Thank-you for your time in reading.

 Please consider visiting the youtube link below.
 If you like thematic music, say for table-top RPG and such then this composer is who you might be looking for.
 I just like and enjoy his music, it helps me write, and I would like to help build his audience is all.

1 Hour of HP Lovecraft Music Orchestral Ambient Creepy Horror Music for Role-Playing and Gaming


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