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Crypto & The Writing Profession

By Wynqarrin | Runesrealms | 23 Apr 2021

 One of the toughest things to do in this life is make any kind of living as a writer, or even have it pay reasonably as a hobby.

 Enter Cryptocurrencies. The following is all speculation from myself based upon what I have been carefully observing over the past decade.

 Crypto is an exploding development, to state the obvious and it seems to be the key to solving a lot of problems. One of these is expanding payment  services which is vital as when you're an author who works regarding Adult 18+ titles, more methods of accepting payments is always better--especially when the purchaser's anonymity is protected.

 There's nothing nefarious, but let's be honest, a lot of folks don't want to see certain things on their credit card bills or bank statements. Thus crypto opens the gate for solving that little bug about human self-consciousness/embarrassment and expanding the ranks of those willing to purchase the works of authors like myself.

 Right now, with the fees so high, it's all a work-in-progress but as we all know there's a lot of work going on to find ways to lower fees so as to make working with and using crypto more and more attractive and convenient. This of course is something I am keenly watching in particular these days.

 I am an Anti-Capitalist and Anti-Socialist/Marxist/Communist/Progressive.

 I have done my homework and humanity has always done best with a Free-Market system. Nowadays, Capitalism is becoming just as problematic as Communism; An economic system controlled by the elite for the elite.
 Historically, that never works well at all and fails rather quickly, imploding spectacularly. Remember the Global Collapse of Communism? I sure do.

 Crypto opens the gates and locks them open to a permanent Free-Market state of economics across the globe and soon enough into orbit, the moon and beyond. This is something that will be of enormous benefit to humanity as it grows and reaches out into space for many reasons...most of which have yet to be found as we're not there yet.
 But we will be soon.

 Crypto, it gives us writers additional means of getting paid for our works and gives us much to play with in what we write, be it hard-reality fiction or the most outrageous space-fantasy, or even Classical fantasy...yes a friend of mine has worked out how Crypto, Blockchains and such work in a magical world with Paladins, dragons and all the dressings.
 Tolkien meets thought that.

 For myself, I have an old Cyberpunk-genre work to dust off and spruce up now that I have a Publisher. It has some crypto reference and such in it...but time has passed, I've learned more and it's time to use that to develop the story and it's supporting universe better, make it richer.

 Cyber, Crypto, Drugs, Sex, Violence, Neon and all the rest of the good stuff. But folks shouldn't be expecting something like Cyberpunk 2077...which is basically DOOM, with neon.
 Cyberpunk...first and foremost, is about atmosphere, ambiance, the 'Feel' of the world the characters live and die in. BLADE RUNNER, a perfect example...but reast assured I am NOT going to try to re-invent the BR films or universe. However, they are my 'lighthouses' for navigating through the oceans of The Muse.
 The film 'Upgrade' is another absolute gem of a Cyberpunk-genre film. Independently made and beautifully so.
 A link to the trailer for it is found below.


Thank-You for your time in reading, I do very much appreciate it.


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