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Missing my NEAT...

By Ares12110 | RSB-Training | 3 May 2020

Like so many around the world I'm stuck inside for the majority of my my day due to the Covid-19 pandemic. For me, I live in a 900 sq' condominium with my wife and two cats. Certainly not the smallest home people live in, but also not a ton of room to move around in.

As a personal trainer, building and following a workout program at home is not too big of a challenge. However, I have still lost a significant amount of my usual non-exercise activity thermogenesis (also known as NEAT). In other words, all of the walking, stair climbing and moving about I would have to do as a part of my day that wasn't specifically working out. NEAT makes up a large portion of our daily energy expenditure and is an important part of maintaining a healthy metabolism and weight. This has been one of the most challenging lifestyle changes for me over the last month  and a half and my body has been letting me know. I've gained a small amount of weight, feel sluggish, and my joints are not as happy with their lack of movement. Even though I work out intensely at home, the decrease in my getting out in about is having a direct impact on how I feel physically let alone psychologically.

Some of you might be, like me, avid exercisers who are used to hitting the gym 5 + days a week. Others might have never done any regimented exercise since high school gym class so closer to 100% of their energy expenditure is made up of NEAT. Wherever you are on the spectrum, you have likely lost your normal NEAT routine and have either had to adapt to the change or have felt the change make adaptations to your body. To manage this loss in energy expenditure I suggest working out a schedule to have points of increased movement throughout the day. I often talk with my clients about the important of scheduling time for exercise to ensure consistency and habit forming. Now more than ever we have to look for ways to move our bodies to keep them functioning well. 

I for one am very excited to have my new running shoes arrive so I can get out for a jog ( a safe distance away from everybody). I'd like to hit the road every other day or so while maintaining my current strength and conditioning routing at home. What have you done counter the loss of your NEAT?


If you are looking for some assistance finding where to start, or if you just have questions about health and fitness, shoot me a message on twitter. https://twitter.com/RobthePT1 Forgive my lack of content. I've not spent much time yet building my social media presence!

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