My thoughts on fast-food
KFC food

My thoughts on fast-food

By ropaga | ropaga | 6 Jan 2020

My parents wanted to go eat out and we visited the local shopping centre. We walked a bit around the shops and then entered KFC. I think it is the fast-food restaurant we visit more frequently, because it is cheap and I think chicken pieces are slightly healthier than minced meat.

During all the lunch I couldn't help but think about fast-food and its impact on our modern societies. Everybody knows that type of food isn't healthy at all, but it is extremely cheap and convenient. I bought two burgers, french fries, a fizzy drink with unlimited refills and an ice cream for just 5€.


I am grateful for living in Spain, a country where food has high quality standards, tradition towards consuming healthy products and food is inexpensive, specially fruit and vegetables compared to other countries. Even so, restaurants with healthy food are considerably more expensive. During last years, lots of new restaurants based on healthy food have opened, but most people don't have one near, not even in most populated areas.

Many governments, specially in Europe and Asia, are taking decisions to reduce obesity, like rising taxes or controlling the products for sale in schools and surrounding areas. In Spain a tax for sugar on beverages was proposed, but currently it is only working in Catalonia.

What do you think about this topic? Do you think cheaper and more convenient healthy food would encourage a lot of people to improve their diet, or most of them wouldn't change it's habits?

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