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What's Future Music? ~ w/ Ciclame

By Roney Laurent | roneylaurent | 7 May 2021

Read with attention to understand a vision about the future of music with technology. In addition, learn more about the trajectory of an independent Brazilian artist and a visionary professional. Read to the end and send your comment!

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Who is the artist Alan Maia?

Alan Maia's history in art begins in Belo Horizonte (capital of the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil), with 14 years old through his older brother and the influences of several electronic music festivals, which are widely commented on in his music circles of friends. At that time, his brother got some electronic music CDs from the festivals, they listened together at home.

The artist spent several years listening to electronic music in its smallest details. Until the age of 16 he began to dive into the world of music production. The artist was always very curious, he tried to understand how the songs were created, so he started to study more about music production software, synthesizers, audio engineering and experimented with creating his first tracks. He always came back from school with the songs he heard stuck to his head.

Alan Maia's artistic creations started very early, he constantly experimented with developing his own songs and remixes. Until some time passed and he started to research more about how the producers created his music, he studied a lot and put it into practice. With the simple computer he had at home, Alan started experimenting with some sounds with Fruity Loops. According to the artist's report, his first attempts at production were horrible, but he never gave up on learning to improve his sound creations.

Alan Maia has always been self-taught and struggled to learn from the main references in Brazil and abroad about the best practices to create quality electronic music that would be successful in the main festivals. After many studies and experiments, he decided to show a song to a friend. His friend was impressed and said he wanted to learn more about authoring electronic music production.

Basic Tools for Producing Electronic Music?

Thus, in mid-2012, the artist began to search the internet for techniques and methods of musical production by artists such as Deadmau5, Phaxe and Astrix, for example. Clearly, Alan Maia tried many different things and programs. Today, he uses Ableton Live software.

After several studies and incessant practices, the artist began to understand how the structure of a song worked, the necessary elements, its characteristics and the tools to be able to create something audible. Thus, he discovered that there are several tools and that the music producer has complete freedom and an infinite number of possibilities to create his music.

Alan Maia was dazzled by the countless forms, technologies and applications that allowed him to optimize the quality of his music (in mid-2011), so he discovered that music and technology always went together. Since then, he has never stopped producing and continues his journey with hundreds of musical creations (for his own projects, collaborations and other artists).

Dedication, Work and Constant Learning

The digital age artist has the freedom to create and monetize with his work. Art generates social impact and leaves a message with personality and boldness. Of course, working with a creative differential in order to achieve your goals is essential.

The Brazilian music producer Alan Maia, began to realize that his dedication and studies to learn how to create quality authorial songs could yield good fruits for his life. Thus, he saw an opportunity to take music as a profession. The artist was always very studious about art, and even working in other fields, he always took the time to study and practice music and production. Thus, he began to realize the importance of investing in a computer that could bring more professionalism and quality to his music.

For this reason, the artist even stopped taking time to have contact with electronic music production, after all, he needed to save money to invest a little more in his dream. Coincidentally, he got a job with an audiovisual company and realized that they had very good and fast computers. So, he installed the music production software hidden on the computer at work and always put his knowledge into practice during his free time.

According to the artist, at that time, he sought to set aside time for his work in the audiovisual production company and his passion for producing electronic music. He always produced a lot, created a lot of experimental songs and some that were never released, mainly because he only appreciated his evolution as a digital music creator. His learning was daily, since the beginning he believed that he had an inexplicable connection with music, this motivated him to try new things in the creation of his tracks.

Project Consolidation and Musical Evolution

After conquering a very valuable learning, the artist already created several authorial tracks and partnerships with other projects. But from an early age he saw that there was a very promising market, so he tried to start experimental projects with friends.

In this way, he was always in contact with friends and professionals in the electronic music market in order to learn and exchange experiences. One of his great friends named Victor Hugo Profeta, at the age of 16, studied a lot about music production and they always talked for several hours on the subject, analyzing songs by the artists they liked.

During a conversation between the two, Alan Maia decided that he would create an authorial electronic music project. In mid-2010, he started his project called Alan Live and posted some songs without any pretense, just out of passion and curiosity.

Mainly due to the conditions he had at the time (between 2010 and 2013), he realized that even with few financial resources or more robust tools to produce his music, he received many positive feedbacks on his social networks (from Brazilian and foreign listeners).

Over time, he started publishing many of his own songs and was contacted by artists Henrique Castelo Branco (Overdone), Elinho Maielo and Gustavo Reis who had liked his tracks and wanted to include him in events, after all, they clearly realized that he had potential and that would be successful at parties.

Thus, he reflected a lot and said to himself that he had a valuable opportunity in the hands of launching a differentiated project that had the capacity to be recognized throughout the country.

In 2013, Alan Maia decided that he should create a new project that aimed to impact the Brazilian electronic music industry. Thus, the idea of ​​the Major Groove project arose, an authorial project of psychedelic electronic music that gave him the opportunity to perform at events in various states of Brazil (such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Recife, Rondônia, Brasília and small towns around the country).

Major Groove

After contacting a great entrepreneur and influential in the electronic music market, he started playing constantly and continued creating his tracks. For more than two years, the Major Groove project went through hundreds of cities, but in mid-2015 he had to give up music a little to work on something that would provide more security and financial stability for his family at that time.

Sadly, the artist stood for a few years and couldn't find the time to dedicate to his electronic music project. The market was very unstable in 2015/16, but he never gave up on believing in his creative potential in the music market. Thus, he got back in touch with the audiovisual, production and images and videos sector (which was the beginning of his professional career).

Ciclame Music

Ciclame Music and Career Consolidation

The trajectory of Brazilian artist and music producer Alan Maia was really of ups and downs, but it is no different than the journey of several heroes who make mistakes, loose, gain and inspire our lives. According to the artist's account, his professional career (with a lot of music, art, photo and video) brought many valuable lessons that he had never noticed before.

In 2018, he visualized that there was something that always pulled him back to music, so he decided to renew everything and start a new project with a different style and a more popular, unique and unlabelled footprint. Consequently, the Ciclame project was born, which with just under a year of project launched its first song with the giant Sony Music in connection with Hub Records.

His single "Freedom" was released on September 25, 2020, by Hub Records and Sony Music Entertainment in partnership with the artist Curol. The single exceeded 58,000 plays on Spotify. The track is a bass house with African characteristics - even a week before the release there were already searches on Shazam by the South African public.

Ciclame Music

Unreleased Tracks and NFT Art

The artist is constantly growing, winning listeners and passionate about technology and music, with unique creations and personality. In addition, the Ciclame project has several tracks ready to be released soon, and will be released on the artist's official social networks.

In addition, according to the artist, he intends to release some copyrighted songs with exclusive videos for those interested in submitting a bid to buy their songs in NFT. 

After all, he believes in the disruptive potential of technology for the music industry and believes that cryptoart allows artists to be even more independent. He delves deeper into art and understands that music and technology make total sense, after all, they go hand in hand.

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