Esoteric Selections
Esoteric Selections

Esoteric Selections

From the deep reaches of the inner mind, to the lighthearted musings of a friendly conversation, to investing and crypto ramblings, to reflections on pop culture phenomenona: assorted subjects and scattered connections.

Bitcoin Cash Shrugs Off Dip, Continues Massive Rally

3 Jul 2023 1 minute read 2 comments RocketEnthusiast

In a week where Bitcoin Cash saw over 100% gains, the price of the token briefly cooled off over the weekend, dipping back down to the $268 level and is now currently fluttering around the $300 level again.  Zoom out, and we can see that despite bei...

RocketEnthusiast's Free Crypto Earnings, June 2023

2 Jul 2023 3 minute read 2 comments RocketEnthusiast

Another month in the books, another round of free crypto dust wracked up. It's time to tabulate the minuscule amounts collected over the past thirty days. The journey continues, no matter what! Please note that the USD equivalents are based off of cu...

Holy Fork! Bitcoin Cash Rockets Over 100% in a Week

30 Jun 2023 1 minute read 1 comment RocketEnthusiast

Bitcoin Cash, one of many forks of Satoshi Nakamoto's original Bitcoin protocol, has seen massive trading volume and over 100% gains in the past week. I am speculating that the token's inclusion on the EDX Markets platform, a tool for large financial...

The Boring Company's Burnt Hair Fragrance Finally Ships

30 Jun 2023 1 minute read 0 comments RocketEnthusiast

"A day late, a dollar short," the old saying goes. Well, how about a quarter late and $100 short? That may be capturing how I feel, as I await my bottle of Burnt Hair perfume from Elon Musk's Boring Company. The olfactory-tantalizing formula has yet...

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) - More Room to Run Upwards?

29 Jun 2023 1 minute read 0 comments RocketEnthusiast

I'm not much of prognosticator. I really don't even like to make price predictions on any crypto, given the unpredictable nature and volatility of any given token. However, I recently made the forecast that Bitcoin Cash would most likely propel over...

Your Sunday Dose of Crypto Memes, 6/25/23

25 Jun 2023 1 minute read 1 comment RocketEnthusiast

Well, well, well...what it is fellow P0x'ers!! Another week down in cryptoworld, another round of memes. We actually saw some positive price action; ironically thanks to the actions of some legacy finance firms (EDX Markets and Blackrock). Perhaps th...

Bitcoin Cash Hits Fresh 1-Year High; Where is it Headed?

24 Jun 2023 2 minute read 5 comments RocketEnthusiast

It has been quite the day for forks of Bitcoin. Over the past week we've seen: Bitcoin +15.80% Bitcoin Gold +11.50% Bitcoin SV +43.88% Bitcoin Cash +80.23% Truly, a monster week for Bitcoin and its counterparts. The catalyst, some may say, perhaps...

EDX Markets Launches for Institutional Crypto Trading

21 Jun 2023 2 minute read 0 comments RocketEnthusiast

It was announced today that EDX Markets has launched its safe and compliant digitial asset marketplace. In other words, a new crypto exchange that's exclusively for vetted and approved firms. It's not for us individual crypto traders; we will have to...

Bitcoin Aliens' Crypto Earning Apps Reinstated to Google Play Store

18 Jun 2023 1 minute read 1 comment RocketEnthusiast

Good day loyal P0x'ers! Just wanted to write a quick note, as a follow-up to my previous post on Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin Giveaway apps. At the beginning of June, the apps had been flagged and removed by the Google Play Store as potential malware, d...

Your Mid-Week Dose of Crypto Memes, 6/14/23

15 Jun 2023 1 minute read 2 comments RocketEnthusiast

What it is P0x'ers!! A happy evening or morning, wherever you may be reading from. The US Federal Reserve has declared a "hawkish pause" in interest rates, but indicating further rate hikes later this year. In other words, perhaps kicking the can dow...