Down & Out -- Gemly, Another P2E Scandal

After few weeks of observation, it appears that Gemly is no longer. In fact, it may have never been really. I had been playing, though never paying, the game for a while now and have noticed that the site is unreachable.

Prior posts on the matter:

Sorry to anyone who lost actual money here. In my dealings with these P2E games, I never put any actual money in because they all seem to end the same way. They may pay out, from time to time, but all always end up doing a vanishing act.

Others have written about similar experiences with other P2E games. Anyway, as far as Gemly goes, it's gone and has shut down all of its social network pages. The website has disappeared as well.


One user wrote: "Today the site stopped working. All Discord and Telegram channels are blocked, and admin accounts have been deleted. Could not reach any support. The project did a really good job passing a good image. Unfortunately, it's another scam."

YouTuber Crypto Scholar has a brief video:

What made this one so convincing was how long it went on for, and how it actually paid out. In the end, I will be removing the link from my list below. 

The original Bitcoin faucet is long gone, but there are still ways to collect some free crypto:
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  • Check out Yescoiner to easily collect some satoshis; no nonsense -- just solve a captcha. Low payout, slow drip here
  • Final AutoClaim is another facuet-style site that offers payouts in 74 different coins
  • For an entertaining, off-the-wall faucet, check out Crypto Junkie. Great for accumulating SPACE and SHIB
  • For rewards in XNO and BTC, check out TipNano app

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