VeChain: Why I believe it will succeed!

By CryptoFallen | Richard_Tom | 30 Jun 2019

Like many that first got interested in learning more about the blockchain/cryptocurrency would have none other than big daddy “BITCOIN” to thank, he is and will hopefully most likely always remain. But like all great things in life, when one great trans-formative and destructive idea, disrupts the negatives ideals of society, many great ideas will continue to spawn from it. That one innovative idea I am vested and see as a game-changer that I am covering parts of in this short article is “VeChain”.

What is ‘VeChain’ and what makes it special?

In short, VeChain is a blockchain-based platform that aims to improve the day-to-day business operations and real-time tracking of various business processes and products, disrupting a major industry in that of supply chains which is estimated to be worth $50 trillion USD.

What makes it special is the technology that they continue to role out, which is only a small part of there business which starts with RFID and NFC tracking on a hybrid blockchain with an authority node set up, where it allows privacy of private companies, while also allowing transparency to the public as to where the products start there life-cycle.

While there is more that I can keep going on about how great the tech is I don’t want to bore many as many of the information can be found on the Vechain Medium thread as well as others that cover it as well on the web.

What makes me excited about VeChain and its future is not only the technology, but its actual adoption. Many can have great ideas, but not be able to implement it well to the public. That is where I realize after spending over 2 years now in the digital space starting from January 2017, ‘there are many great ideas,where the ones that stand out and do well are the ones that receive actual usage’, from that comes Vechain.

  0*nIAfiW0hgaYpm-wD.jpg Naming a few of Vechains important partnerships!

Not only is VeChain, led by a great founder in that of Sunny Lu, who has great experience working within enterprises, but also the never ending “Enterprise Partnerships” that they continue to build, although taking time to get things moving from start to actually used in the public, it happens. To name a few from there expanding list so far they are : DNGVL, PWC, Walmart China, BYD and many more that can be also found on VeChain Insiders website.

I see a VeChain as a long term project, I do not look at what price of it is currently, which is $0.008USD per VET, however I look into longterm potentials, not only in my opinion will VeChain do well in the future, it will be the on the forefront when it comes to the masses using blockchain technology without realising that they are using it. That is where I see that having a stake isn’t a matter of it being 10x or 100x the value it is today, it is about how much it will change the lives of many in what the technology and team decide to do.

  0*IoW76gch0nldpbn6 A great watch comes from TokenVisions video which explains a lot of basics about VeChain!

I will continue to update more of my own personal ideas of VeChain and what comes from them when they release news for my own take, hope to have a constructive conversation with those reading this article and look forward to hearing what made you invest in VeChain or any great project in the blockchain space.



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