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Ad hoc heuristics for approaching complex systems and the "unknown unknowns". Techne & episteme. Verum ipsum factum. In the words of Archimedes: "Give me a lever and a place to rest it... or I shall kill a hostage every hour." Rants, share-worthy pieces and occasional insights and revelations.

Schizophrenia, Psychosis, Semiosis: Ontologies (categories of being and possible relationships between them) Define The Possible Epistemologies (or ways of knowing something within the means of how can formulate it)

24 Jan 2021 6 minute read 4 comments rhyzom

                                             Stumbled upon this in Twitter and couldn't help share it and then got carried away expanding on it all a bit..... Wow! Nicely put! The schizo state of psychotic free-flowing semiosis and loosened associat...

The Socratic Method and it's Universal Usefulness. And Korzybski's General Semantics and Structural Differential.

24 Jan 2021 2 minute read 2 comments rhyzom

The Socratic method refers to a mode of cooperative argumentation or discourse between two or more individuals (in good will, that presupposition is really important - that is, the argumentation's purpose is to discover the truth, not to win an argum...

The Five Stages of Collapse According to Dmitry Orlov

23 Jan 2021 5 minute read 0 comments rhyzom

Some of you may be familiar with Dmitry Orlov. He's one of the immanent collapse doomsday sayers, like Joseph Tainter and some of the Cliodynamics people. Engineer by education and WITH a sense of humor (as you'll notice in his excellent talk here):...

Warren Sack - "The Software Arts". An Actor-Theory Network Approach to Thinking About Software and Code.

23 Jan 2021 6 minute read 3 comments rhyzom

“We neither think nor reason. Rather, we work on fragile materials — ­texts, inscriptions, traces, or paints —­ with other people.” Bruno Latour   Programmers and software engineers often lack a wider breadth and scope of how they approach and...

HoneycombOS: An IOTA-Centric Embedded Linux Distribution for Distributed IoT Computing

23 Jan 2021 5 minute read 0 comments rhyzom

  The honeycombOS was specifically designed and tailored for running on and meeting the demands of IOTA-based nodes and clients and tangle-related tools. (The tangle is IOTA's ledger which maps and records transactions as directed acyclic graphs, wh...

A Few Cool Decentralized Projects Recently Stumbled Upon: Blockchan, Syndie, Utopia and Shirah. Adding More Momentum to Decentralization.

23 Jan 2021 6 minute read 3 comments rhyzom

Blockchan: 4Chan-Like Image Board on the Ripple Ledger Using IPFS                      Blockchan's front page, with a set of boards pretty much almost identical to 4chan's and the option to create new ones as well. Most of us are familiar with the t...

Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen: An Economic Thinker Whose Name We Are Yet to Hear More and More About. Ecological Economics and Entropy Pessimism. (Yes, we're all gonna die.)

23 Jan 2021 17 minute read 7 comments rhyzom

“Mathematics brought rigor to economics. Unfortunately it also brought mortis.”     - Kenneth Boulding   "Practical men who believe themselves to be quite exempt from any intellectual influence, are usually the slaves of some defunct economist. Ma...

NME: Sleaford Mods: “We live in such a cynical time. You start to question yourself.”

20 Jan 2021 5 minute read 0 comments rhyzom

In case some/any of you haven't by now gotten familiar with the Sleaford Mods, here's one of their more well-known performances: When I come across some new, unique favorite English band of mine that I spin for weeks after, I always recall Bjork's c...

What Linux distribution do you use and why? Here's 3 I recently stumbled and read upon a little bit that am considering switching to (one of them).

20 Jan 2021 8 minute read 10 comments rhyzom

Throughout the years I've mostly stuck with Arch Linux (a very minimalist, build-it-yourself KISS type of distro), but lately have moved over to Manjaro - an Arch-derived distro that spares you the 3 days of editing .conf files and customizing your e...

Douglas Rushkoff: Survival of the Richest (Highly Recommended Read! + Again, some personal commentaries...)

20 Jan 2021 12 minute read 4 comments rhyzom

Link to the entire original blog post here (have quoted/cited about half the article here): Last year, I got invited to a super-deluxe private resort to deliver a keynote speech to what I assumed would be a hundred or so investment bankers. It was b...