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By KoinMaster22 | RGStudio28 | 6 Jul 2020

Last month, I’ve joined an interesting platform which is the which was introduced by my friends. To overview, is a blogging platform where you can earn money by posting articles and comments. You will be paid by upvotes from other users or you can just earn points for writing contents in which these points are automatically converted as Bitcoin Cash (BCH).



As well you can earn through affiliates, you will get 3% of any spending or earnings for lifetime of anyone invited by you and also get 10% of points they earned by the random rewarder.


The strategy for your article’s discoverability is by boosting it. This plan is for users who can spend their BCH.



Just sharing my 3-article contribution which focuses in Photography and Nature’s Life; you can check later if you want.



If you would like to join the platform and experience, please click the link below.



Thank you so much for dropping by and reading this post.


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