Support my single game project at Hive! I present to you: Life-Bound Souls a 2D action RPG

A long time I am with a game project that I am creating all by myself using the engine GMS2 that has the language based on C++ and Javascript which is called GML Code, this publication is not a request for funding, pre-release sale or cosmetic products, but a request for community support for me to continue with the project is through positive votes, sharing on social networks or even through other publications on the network Hive, is already scheduled a rerun on with more details.

All rewards from the posts related to the development of the project will go to the game's cost fund, due to this in all of them I will use Hive's net payment system through with a money use report after each post

Current context of the project

Firstly I need to mention that the overall artwork of the project is based on the style of the amazing game released on another indie title called Hyper Light Drifter originally produced by the Heart Machine team, but don't worry about questions like "are you trying to create a copy of Hyper Light Drifter?" "a lone project without a designated development team can't go wrong?" Answering the first question is simple, the process of story, gameplay and narrative of the game is very different in which the same has no compatibility in this regard, nothing will be compared to Hyper Light Drifter except for the incredible art style in pixel art, about the second question the fact is that independent of a project being individual or together with other collaborators what determines whether it can fail or not is not exactly the amount of people working on it but the dedication and commitment to the project, in fact alone I am having a huge job although with this I do not need to have doubts with decisions of game design, general art, gameplay and sound design.

But what does this have to do with the Hive network?

Perhaps I should be honest and say that there is no relationship with the Hive Blockchain network or related to its ecosystem in a way that benefits the same, however after a long day of one year here collaborating as an author and reader I decided to try to integrate a bit of Hive to the game, not necessarily it will become a Play2Earn game, forget this idea, but the integration of purchase and distribution of characters through sharing, this does not mean also that we will have some NFTs to be collected by players and sold in some market, as an example I will mention the idea of integrating the profile of the blog (hive. blog) to the player, so your character would have the name, voting power and reputation interacting in the game world, a bad reputation (we leave as an example below 60, not that it is bad in fact in the community) you will be ignored by some NPCs in the game and can not advance in some side-quests, the price of items may also vary according to reputation.

About the game

Life-Bound Souls or as I prefer to call L-Souls is a game of the action RPG genre in a 2D semi-open world in the molds of the classics of the Final Fantasy and Zelda series, explore a vast sad world frozen by unknown entities, battle against legendary monsters and help to walk the right path this time and correct the past.






The main focus of the game is exploration and progress in the story through puzzles, interactions with NPCs and battles against boss guardians of the arena, yes this world that is frozen there is no hostile creatures outside the arenas, are called so for the simple reason that in the past the great creator of the world created divine beings as a guarantee for their eternal sleep, all that humans who reside there know about it is that in the past the great creator walked on this land, and ended up falling in love with a wonderful woman, and from this love a child was born that along with her was born an obscure entity that as a consequence began to occur strange and catastrophic events in humanity, as an act of desperation to blame someone humanity assumed that the woman and her child were the fruit of evil magic and decided to burn both, as the great creator could not intervene in actions that would alter the course of humanity he watched the whole process in his cosmic form and after this his sadness began to affect the whole world, thus making it completely glacial to the point that in some parts of the continent the word fire was unknown.



About the combat itself get ready to literally die, die and die some more, as the main focus is on the battles against the entities in the arena I can devote more time to only detail exclusively the battles that actually need to happen, this avoids distractions with monsters appearing on the central map randomly, at first our character begins his adventure with a simple sky blue bow, for now I have not yet assigned a type of sequence of blows for him, because it is a difficult thing to merge into the vision of this game, but it does not stop there and can manipulate swords, axes, spears and even their own hands, combat beyond action also requires a part of strategic thinking to get the opening needed to successfully defeat the entity.



Images of the creation and animation process, alpha

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, the art in general is being produced by me, so I'm trying to keep the rhythm between developing the character, animating and then recreating its interactions with the game world, this is a tiring job although it is satisfying to see in the end of the day what you have produced of unique taste, the frames and animations are created in a standard 64x64 frame and for more extensive animations 124x124, always seeking the best possible fluidity to not be something "glued on a paper," noting here that so far all the animated environment involving characters, collectibles and the environment itself contains at least 10 frames per animation, this is very detailed.

Below are some images of the project and the animation process:





Final considerations

Already managed to acquire SDK to export a version for Linux and Android, if I can in case raise a good amount through the reports of updates and disclosure of the game in the Hive community I intend to buy the other remaining licenses for greater reach of target audience being Windows, iOS, Mac and Nintendo Switch, sorry for not introducing more about the game or give you a video is that I intend to release a preview on the site itch. io which is one of the largest sites for indie creators, and I could not keep the suspense and the idea of surprising the public if I shared more than necessary, I appreciate your time to read and hope for your support.

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