10 weight loss that actually works

By Mooontivated | Fitness | 18 Jan 2021

Here are some tricks that will really help you with your Weight loss journey.
These hacks really work you just need to be consistent.
I give 15 tricks and tips to help you out;

1. Cut up your food

When you are eating Salmon, Chicken or sirloin try cutting your food into small pieces before taking a single bite.
Experts say pre-cutting food makes each bite more satisfying, thereby helping with portion control.


2. Brush or Floss after meals

Once you’ve finished lunch or dinner, bust out the toothbrush or dental floss, when your teeth feel clean and your breath is minty, you’ll be less apt to nibble mindlessly
do this to avoid repetition of eating.


3. Stick with wrapped Candy

If you're craving sweets, let the wrapped one save you from it 2 to 3 pieces are enough to satisfy your cravings instead of eating a large one, it may cause you to eat cheating and it's not good for your weight loss. You’ll probably eat less than if you’d chosen wrapper-less candy tiny effort required to unwrap something can be enough to slow you down and deter you from taking more.


4. Close your Kitchen

Set boundaries or schedule for your kitchen time, it really helps you to be more focused on your goals. For example, make a rule that your kitchen closes at 7 PM so you're not tempted to eat late at night.

5. Sit at the end of the table

If there's an occasion grab a seat at the end of the table, as the action happens at the middle of the table normally you can see appetizers, bread bowl at the end of the table. Sitting on an end will make it tougher for you to mindlessly scoop seconds onto your plate.

6. Spice it up

If you are able to do your home-made dishes like soups, chickens, salad dressing, or meat marinating don't forget to add some chili peppers and other spices not just for lowering your risk of heart disease and cancer. Spicy foods will really a big deal in terms of weight loss. There’s some evidence that it activates the same brain receptors that tell you you’re full, leading you to eat less. 


7. Count your bites

Tracking the number of bites per day is a big help for losing weight. It can trim up excess calories from your diet.

8. Enjoy the smells

 Smelling your favorite foods sends the same signals of pleasure and fullness to your brain as tasting them, potentially helping you eat less.


9. Don't have sweets around

There are saying you can't eat what isn't there. So if you are losing weight this is a hack that really works. If there are no sweets around you there's no temptation.

10. Make snacks count

Make sure every snack is balanced, consisting of some carb, protein, and fiber.
This is the best way to stay full and control body insulin response and digestion.


These 10 tricks are really effective and actually works for me also for my clients.
Great results if you have a diet plan plus a consistent workout.

- New year new you! :) Change for a better

There is always room for improvement

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