Splinterlands Battle Mage Challenge: Lost Magic!

By RealSociology | Retire by 50 | 23 Jun 2024

This week's Battle Mage rule set challenge was Lost Magic in which magic attack cards may not be used!

Lost Magic general strategy....

This is a relatively easy ruleset to play as you know your opponent cannot play magic, so you have much less choice over what to play defensively as well as offensively.

Anything magic related is out OFC.

Then you're left with anything that favours ranged or melee both offensively and defensively.

Shields are always a great option here as magic often ruins any shield strategy!

Lost Magic battle exemplar

The battle below shows a comprehensive victory within this ruleset in which I was limited to FIRE!

Mana and rulesets:

  • return fire
  • blast
  • and LOST MAGIC

Mana = 55.... High!

Screenshot (484).png

summoner - Kitty simply the best!

  1. Grum - a decent high mana tank
  2. Carnage Titan - Awesome reach attack
  3. Serpentine Spy - opportunity 1
  4. Dragon Jumper - opportunity 2
  5. Supply Runner - for speed!
  6. Cornealus - nice damage and sneak counter!

The battle...

  • round 1 - I opportunity out the rat thing straight off the bat! Unfortunately that triggers martyr! I lose my supply runner to blast, but that's OK as return fire was a bit of a burden! Return Fire triggers the second martyr, big attacks now coming my way!
  • round 2 - Straight off the bat I opportunity out Grum then take out his carnage titan, that's two MASSIVE attacks OUT! I then take out Sandworm
  • round 3 - it's all over, he's got one attack card left and he goes DOWN!

Final battle analysis

This was all about SPEED. My superior speed simply wiped out his high attack cards before they could attack for the most part!

Had my opponent played some shields, that may have made a difference! But he over relied on those two martyr cards I think!

Lost Magic final thoughts...


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