Will you Bite the hand that Feeds?

By Ino | Remember that one time? | 10 May 2021

  How did you find out about Publish0x? I can't really recall how I found the site but I can probably guess it was an ad through Brave that lead me here. After a year of using the site the platform is not what I thought it was. Well I thought I could post whatever is I wanted totally free from censorship and obstruction of creative freedom but this is not true. I learned about this site by what other authors have posted but most of my comprehension came  from the founders of the site. Tinkering with the site I noticed the search bar does not have the best algorithms when searching for a memorable post nor can I find myself if I type in my name and switch to the Users tab. Both are lost into the ether. So I found the best way to navigate the site is by six degrees of separation. Igor Tomic is the nexus point of Publish0x he is easy to find too because he is most likely the one to post about an upcoming contest in the popular section. Look at the people he is following and you'll find so many cool authors to follow they're not all my cup of tea but there are many good ones that you might not find on the trending page. How I found the other founding members is by exploring the publish0x sub-category and in the filter changing to Popular Lifetime which will give you the posts that have been the most tipped. Enter Smoljanovic: https://www.publish0x.com/smoljanovic/publish0x-platform-rules-and-guidelines-for-users-xryrdge

  "Authors are free to publish articles without the consequence of censorship but reserves the right to remove material that is illegal and harmful to others." "Content that irritates or antagonizes the majority of readers on the platform is not considered acceptable." I built my brand and persona on the deconstruction of the established order and my view points are often against the herd. Luckily for me most people haven't heard of me and I remain mostly anonymous on this platform. But I may have overstepped my bounds with my next violation:

2. Each user may have no more than one account. Attempting to manipulate the system by creating multiple accounts is illegal and immediate grounds for restriction.

  I created a second account out of curiosity for who my followers were. I could see someone else's followers and who they followed by I could not see my own. I was delighted to see who followed me and by six degrees of separation I searched their library of content and tipped the articles I liked the most if they weren't authors I gave them a follow. I having been tipping from my alt account since and it wasn't until I put in payment address that my IP address was ban from accessing the site. (The duration of this ban seemed to be half a day and it happen twice before I could narrow down the reason) At first I thought my internet was down but nope all other sites work then I thought Publish might be down but when I turned on my VPN I could access the site. No double dipping from reward pools eh? Well I gave you my intentions with it's creation and I don't care about the rewards if you read further into Smoljanovic post; ignorance of the guidelines and rules does not omit you from them. I like this platform not because of the rewards but the real rewards are learning about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology and their future implementation. This site real value is to past through ignorance into enlightenment.

"The easiest way to explain Publish0x is that Publish0x is a crypto agnostic publishing platform similar to Medium, where both author and reader earn different tokens." - Dan Bainbridge

Hmmmm.... Agnostic?


  • Publish0x doesn't have its own coin and is crypto agnostic.
  • When tipping, both the author and reader earn. Tips are free for both the author and reader, and come from Publish0x rewards pool.
  • Publish0x is not trying to become a social network. It is a publishing platform open to select approved authors. Focus of Publish0x is on quality content.

I think for the most part you have accomplished your goals but obviously though the subcategories seem to offer topics for non-crypto related content if you change the filter Popular Lifetime you'll see that the posts in those subcategories  have nothing or very little to do with that category. Though popular posts are tied to the most tipped the average unknown user is easily overshadowed by a user with a massive following. Now where have I seen this before? UsTube that's where. Well there's no ignoring the fact that this site is centralized and operates on a stringent structure that offers promotion in exchange for tokens of value and something is lost in the purity of it all. But I'm not here to argue business models just an average user's perspective. A few critiques that I think would make the site better:

1) If I'm scrolling down a list of articles and I happen to click on article it would be nice if I hit the back button it would keep my place in the article I clicked on instead of going all the way back to the top.

2) This may go against what you are trying to do with the site but a block button and deletion of comments mimics other sites that over extend against freedom versus censorship and safety. If curation of the site is left to users then those that support the system should have incentive to support it.

3) One author had great article in the Presearch contest with Darth Vader in the thumbnail but since the article was in a negative light with promotion of Presearch he was not among the contest winners. I get you don't get anywhere by shitting on those your supposed to be promoting and it's bad for business but it's good for the people.

4)Clicking on your own post for edits or overviews should not be accredited to your view count.


*DISCLAIMER: I was wrong in my assumptions about how the site's reward tipping pools are generated. I thought the tips were supplied by the token team in exchange for exposure but the Publish0x team supplies the tips. Check here for a more thorough update https://www.publish0x.com/publish0x-official-blog/towards-long-term-sustainability-tipping-rates-cut-tipping-t-xdgyzyg 






No comments... Ah well congratulations viewers you possibly avoided a scam or maybe it wasn't worth your time. For congruity here is what I promised. Cheers to this bull market and I hope your day and life are going well.


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Remember that one time?
Remember that one time?

That sweet golden age of publish0x where Hydro was sinking and publish0x was only giving Bat and Dai it lasted all but a couple of days. But man was that sweet. This is a great platform to earn sum Cdn Tire Money that will accumulate over years from cents to dollars. Happy Hunting!

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