Publish0x platform rules and guidelines for users
Publish0x platform rules and guidelines for users

Publish0x platform rules and guidelines for users

By Smoljanović | Smoljanovic | 22 Feb 2021

Publish0x platform rules and guidelines for users.

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Introduction to rules

Rules are intended to be followed and generally guide actions for appropriate results and predictability but serve as obstacles for those seeking different outcomes.  Barriers are sometimes looked at as something that needs to be overcome.  Publish0x created rules to ensure that the publishing platform runs as smoothly as possible for everyone.  Arbitrarily chosen rules are carefully planned for best results and work well for everyone that follows them.

Publish0x is a crypto-powered publishing platform created by founders that were deeply rooted in cryptocurrency.  The platform is uniquely divergent and constantly morphing to accommodate increasingly diverse challenges.  New categories are gradually being introduced and added to provide easy access to the ever-increasing collection of diverse articles contributed to the site.

Publish0x requires continuously increasing levels of maintenance and modifications to keep up with the exponential growth.  A rapid increase in platform size emphasizes the need and importance of rules.

Every group of members, organization, business, and government require a set of rules, regulations, and guidelines to ensure the smooth flow of daily events.  Rules at Publish0x exist to provide and maintain a friendly platform free of the corruption that can adversely affect any business.

Publish0x pays users crypto for reading and writing articles on the platform making it a prime target for system abuse and manipulation.  Lack of sufficient rules would prevent fair distribution of crypto to deserving members and make it a breeding ground for criminal activity.

Platform rules are intended provide guidance and maintain acceptable standards for all users.  Every user should enjoy an environment where the opportunity to prosper by reading and writing is fair and equal for all.

Publish0x is has a responsibility to maintain an acceptable level of content that is both legal and safe for all members.  Authors are free to publish articles without the consequence of censorship but reserves the right to remove material that is illegal and harmful to others.

Account details including passwords and login info should be kept safe from unauthorized individuals.  Password managers such as Bitwarden can conveniently store and use  protected info for any activity requiring a login.

Plagiarism specifics

Plagiarism is a morally offensive theft of earnings or academic credit perpetrated by using deceptive claims of authorship.  The results of plagiarism adversely impact the reputation and monetary earnings of an author.

Any content that is not original is considered to be a plagiarized copy.  Content that is scavenged from other sources and reworded to appear original is considered plagiarized.  Changing specific words to avoid detection of plagiarism is not considered original content.  Creating a patchwork of borrowed snippets from other articles is considered plagiarism. 

Using artificial or natural means of spinning content of another author is considered plagiarized material.

Transcribing existing multimedia including video and audio podcasts to create content is considered to be plagiarism and will result in removal of authorship and content.

It is not the responsibility of Publish0x to investigate and provide evidence of published content ownership when articles are suspected of plagiarism.  The onus is always on the article publisher to prove ownership of content when a dispute of ownership exists.  It is up to each individual publisher to provide sufficient proof that content is not plagiarized.  Extra-curricular investigation is beyond the scope and responsibility of the Publish0x platform.

It is the sole responsibility of each author to provide sufficient details to overturn a decision when content is flagged and deemed to be plagiarized. 

Plagiarism is not tolerated by Publish0x in any shape or form.  Publish0x will not knowingly be an accomplice to authors attempting to promote plagiarized content.

Content quality specifics

Quality content standards are an important consideration for Publish0x.  Articles containing abundant quality content stand apart from the norm and quickly gain popularity for the an author.  Authors who consistently contribute high quality content generally amass a large following of readers on the platform. 

Low quality articles are not considered to be acceptable content on any respectable publishing platform.

Content that irritates or antagonizes the majority of readers on the platform is not considered acceptable.  Spam by definition is considered annoying and unwanted material and not acceptable on the Publish0x platform.

Articles should be written for the platform and not be used as a landing page or link to continuation on another website.  Content published on the platform should not be devised for the purpose of redirecting readers elsewhere. 

Content that is very short and lacking effort may be removed at any time.  Articles published for the sole purpose of self-promotion is considered to be spam.  Referral links are permitted in moderation.  Articles containing excessive referral links constructed primarily for the purpose of promotion are not permitted and will be removed.

General account specific rules

  1. Each account holder is responsible for reading and complying with all the platform rules at Publish0x. Users that contravene rules will not escape liability by using ignorance as an adequate defense.
  2. Each user may have no more than one account. Attempting to manipulate the system by creating multiple accounts is illegal and immediate grounds for restriction.
  3. Comments added to the articles of other members should be relevant and respectful. Abusive comments are not tolerated and lead to comment or account removal.
  4. Each account holder is expected to treat other members of the platform with respect and refrain from malicious and inappropriate conduct when communicating via chat, comments, or any other media. All disputes requiring a resolution can be reported to the support staff.
  5. Users are forbidden to use the comment section for self-promotion when posting on articles of other members. Begging and spamming the comment sections are forbidden.
  6. Tipping from a VPN is not permitted.
  7. Restricted accounts forfeit all earnings

Rules for authors

  1. Publish0x reserves the right to remove authorship or articles for contravening various rules.
  2. Users must apply and be accepted for authorship or be added as an author by an admin before writing articles on the platform is possible.
  3. All applications will not be accepted for various reasons.  Publish0x reserves the right to determine which applicants receive authorship.  Applications pending more than three days have most likely rejected.  Writing samples can be sent to support staff for reconsideration.  The support link can be found below the rules. 
  4. Users must create one or more blogs as a container for new articles before publishing is possible.
  5. False claims of authorship constitute plagiarism regardless of whether the material is protected by copyright.  Plagiarism is not tolerated and will result in authorship and content removal. The burden is ultimately on each author to prove all work is original and not plagiarized.
  6. Authors publishing plagiarized material will forfeit earnings.
  7. Copyright infringement is a violation of the rights of a copyright holder, when material whose use is restricted by copyright is used without consent.  An author can avoid infringement by creating images or using images found on sites offering free images.  Images can be found at and Pixabay or created at  CC0 1.0 licensed items in the public domain can be copied, modified, and used without permission.
  8. Writing topics can be other than cryptocurrency related but must be legal and not harmful to others. An author can write about whatever they like if the material is safe for others.
  9. Authors must sufficiently prove ownership of content in the case of dispute as described above.
  10. An author may republish his own articles from other sources as long as adequate proof of ownership exists..
  11. Authors may write content in languages other than English. English articles will be more popular on the platform until communities using alternate languages sufficiently expand in size.
  12. Spam and other low-quality content articles may be removed at any time at the discretion of staff.  Articles containing little or no quality content written in haste or without care may be removed without warning at any time.   Articles consisting of excessive referral links, clickbait and any content deemed to have low quality may be removed without notice.  Referral links should be kept to a minimum of one or two and be a small proportion of the article content.
  13. Using Publish0x as a landing page for an affiliate offer is not allowed regardless of circumstances.
  14. Authors using articles to beg for tips or ask for donations is forbidden. Asking users to follow and recognize quality content work at the end of an article is permitted.
  15. Proper tags must be used when publishing articles. Misleading tags are not allowed and will be removed.  Loss of tag privileges or authorship removal may result if tags are systematically used to unfairly manipulate the system.  Improper use of tags adversely affect the platform and reduce overall searching effectiveness.
  16. Deleting and reposting the same article multiple times may result in removal of content or authorship.  Attempting to manipulate the system by reposting the same material for extra earnings will result in removal of content or authorship.

Final thoughts

 A set of rules serve as a guideline for all users to follow and may produce undesirable results if ignored. Failure to comply with the rules set by the platform may result in undesirable consequences.

Restrictions, removal of authorship and content never happen for no reason.

Publish0x members may challenge unfavorable decisions based on rulings by submitting a detailed report via email to the support specialists at  Note that the official Telegram group does not handle personal account issues.  Mistakes are possible but rarely occur.

Countless numbers of authors with proven track records confirm that following rules makes a difference.  Restrictions that occasionally occur for an insignificantly small number of users are direct results of ignorance or willful neglect of rules.

Publish0x depends on the membership of users to exist and attempts to solve problems amicably before resorting to extreme restrictions or removal.

Following proper procedures and rules are a definite prerequisite for success.  Success as an author can be achieved with varying degrees of effort that is dependent on individual user capabilities.  Talent, effort, and experience all help shape the outcome.

Many answers to questions can be answered by other members, admins or moderators in the Publish0x Telegram Group.  Any unanswered questions can be forwarded to Support.

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