How Crypto Projects Like Hive Have Impacted My Life

By cwolfe211 | Relentless | 20 Aug 2020

This was me just a couple of days ago...


My hair was a little crazy from dried saltwater. @audiefaith and I had just gone swimming in the cold cold water of the Pacific Ocean.

I think this is the beginning of how beautiful freelancing can be as a job. I had just gotten off of a two-hour Zoom call with an AWESOME client - and thirty minutes later, I'm immersed in frigid waves and swimming in the ocean.

In the back of my mind, I know one week from today I'll be on a plane, flying to Chicago to go walk around the University and talk with a professor among other AWESOME things.

Yes, I'm stuck on the word AWESOME... cause it's AWESOME...

We'll be staying in the Magnificient Mile at a 4 Star hotel - all expenses paid by my client - flights and hotel stay already booked. For a little perspective, here are some photos I found on the web of where we are headed next week (including some photos from the hotel).

Magnificent Mile below:


Whitehall Hotel Lobby below:


Whitehall Hotel Bar:


Whitehall Hotel Room:


The funny thing is, the reason this moment is so sweet to me is NOT because of my current circumstances (at least not alone),

Really, it is because of what my circumstances were a year ago and how incredible it is that things have changed so quickly.

To give you a little perspective:

One year ago, I was living with my girlfriend in a tent out in the middle of nowhere. I had no job, no vehicle, and just about everything that could have gone wrong - had gone wrong.

The acceleration of the journey that brought us from here to there - well, I can attribute that only to God, to Steem/Hive community, to real love, and to some undying perseverance on my part.

I spent a huge portion (about half) of my life completely lost. I was on the streets, in prison, in jail, in horrific relationships that ate away at my soul. I drowned all the pain with obscene quantities of drugs and alcohol - risking my life in a plethora of ways. Some of those ways were related to my health, some were related to crashing cars at over 100 MPH, or getting involved with some of the most dangerous people you can collaborate with.

Things have changed, and with such violent and dramatic force, they leave me reeling in a state of perpetual ecstasy. Of course, there are still challenges - but those challenges are different. Fortunately, each one that gets knocked aside opens more doors for higher levels of success in this life.

I believe that one day, life will become something I can not even fathom with the perspective I have today, and I'm probably not even prepared to handle it - yet.

That is the purpose of the journey - I think.

Every tiny step, each brief but mesmerizing sight, every impossibly sheer cliff, and the thirst for every valley's rest - they exist to prepare us for our future purpose as we simultaneously live it out and experience our present purpose - on Today.

I realize that all these changes happened one day at a time. They say, "Rome wasn't built in a day," but I would argue that it was - at least, in a sense. The most earth-shaking changes happen one puny little day at a time, and without those individual days, we would never reach the sky.

So, that is what I'll continue working on: Today.

Every day.

P.S. If you are struggling, no matter what the challenges are - just know that if you can simply make it through today and do the best you can, then you can do it again tomorrow. Even if it feels like you aren't making progress - just remember that progress seems slow on a single day basis, but in the long term...

You won't even know WHAT hit you when your purpose is revealed...

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