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Transcendental Meditation -Simple How To, I Learned In Prison During A During Data Research Study By Maharishi University

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Doing This For 20 Minutes, Twice A Day, Can Improve Your Life. This technique is similar to the techniques used by the Yogi monks. There is a huge body of data suggesting that there are numerous health benefits brought by frequent meditation. Reduced...

Pi ANNOUNCEMENT: Pi Will Be Enabling Transfers!

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Hello, fellow Pi-oneers! For those of you who do not know what Pi is, please read my article to find out! WTF is Pi?!?!. The announcement that I have for my fellow steemians and Pi-oneers today is this: Pi will be enabling transfers of Pi to a select...

More Pi? When Will Pi Be Worth Real Money? How Much Will It Be Worth?

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  This article is a follow up from an article that I previously posted about Pi from STELLAR (XLM) I have been receiving some questions in my Pi chatroom as well as on Publish0x regarding Pi and it's future. These questions are completely understanda...

A Poem Por Mi Hermana, A Touch Of Frost, December Coastal Sunrays

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On the left, is a picture that my sister Maria sent me from Minnesota. I used to live in that frigid state. The picture shows what remains of a 4-way stop on the street corner, beside her house. On the right, is where I live on the Oregon coast. It i...

Please, Wish Me Luck At Court

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Today, for me, is court day. Last week, I received a letter from the District Attorney in Coos Bay, OR letting me know that they were bringing up charges from one of my arrests a year ago. I have already cleaned up my life and I have been moving forw...

Three Sweet Things To Say To Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend In Spanish (translation and pronunciation in english.)

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Tu sonrisa es mi cielo azul Your smile is my blue sky--pronounced: "too s-oh-n-REES-ah es mee see-AY-loh ah-SOOL" Tienes los labios de una angelica You have the lips of an angel--pronounced: "tee-ENN-ay-s loh-s LAH-bee-ohs d-ay OON-ah ah-n-HELL-ee-ka...

WISH YOU HAD MINED BTC WHEN IT WAS FREE? Say, Hello, To Pie. The First Crypto You Can Truly Mine On Your Phone! (Stellar Consensus Protocol.)

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Have you heard of 'Stellar'? This major cryptocurrencty, listed on all the major exchanges, is called 'XLM.' You may have seen it offering $50 dollars in Coinbase Earn program or the airdrop that they are currently doing with You may...


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Hey guys!  You can still get Free $30 USD To Trade From to trade!  For a limited time this offer is doubled from $15 to $30!  NO CREDIT/DEBIT OR BANK INFO NECESSARY.  All that you have to do to receive this is to have ID and proof that you...


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NO CREDIT OR BANK INFO NECESSARY. Binance giving away $30 free to trade?  How or why would they do this you might ask?  Because it increases the volume on their new platform.  This increases liquidity and overall appeal of the platform.  All you have...

The Quantum Leap: Have you ever seen the Twilight Zone? Well, pack your bags 'cause that's where we're headed.

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   All around you, in palm of your hand right now, or sitting right in front of you, is clear and present evidence. When you wait at a stoplight to turn green on your way to work, there is evidence. When you hear the beep of the scanner as you go thr...