Adventures in Investing Part 5- Earn Satoshis by walking


There are two things I really don't like- cucumber and exercising. Readers of my earlier exercise post will remember that I have been using an app called Sweatcoin to measure the number of steps that I walk a day. The target is 10,000 steps every day. But one of the criticisms of Sweatcoin is that it isn't really crypto money. But now I have found an app that awards you Satoshis for the steps you walk. Could this be the answer to my prayers? 


The app is called sMiles. I found it with no problem on the Apple app store and it can also be downloaded from the google play store. (Please use referral code triptix991 )


When you initially start it you are asked to share your location data as well as connect to your health app (sorry I don't have an android phone so I will be doing this from an Apple perspective but I am sure it is the same for Android). The App can also be added to your apple watch. Once installed and connected it starts counting your steps. It only starts counting from when it has been installed so in my case, although I walked over 10,000 steps today, it only started counting from around 4000 which is when I am installed the app. According to the description, it can also be used for counting running and cycling but I haven't tried those yet.

You can also earn extra sats from watching a video and spinning a wheel (once every 12 hours) and also by completing a chess puzzle. I love chess so this really appealed to me.

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Once you have collected 1000 sats you can send them to any Bitcoin Lightning wallet. 

You're not going to earn loads of Sats for this in a short time but over a longer period it will start to build up slowly. For the 6000 odd steps I took, I earned 21 sats. I can't give exact figures as it is not listed in the description. I will edit this post once I have more reliable data.


So there you have it- if you download please use my referral code: triptix991      It would be greatly appreciated!


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