3 Crypto Projects People Are Talking About And That It's Not Too Late To Invest In

By Chris Walker | RektWorld | 4 Jul 2019

I see a lot of posts on this site where people talk about the best altcoins. Everyone has their own opinion, don’t they? So do I :) 

I’m mostly in agreement with the tokens and projects that people are recommending for investment on this site. But I’ve noticed some stark omissions and some tokens not getting enough attention. This is my opinion :P 

So I’ve picked these tokens because they are just gaining more attention, but not big enough that people have already thrown a lot of money behind it. It’s a good time to invest in these and hopefully they’ll make a lot of gains before the end of 2019.



The LEO token is an initiative by the Bitfinex exchange and the full token name is Unus Sed Leo. It is part of a dual protocol approach i.e. it has been released on both Ethereum and EOS. Like many exchange related tokens, it offers benefits on fees and other profiting mechanisms. 

The dual protocol features means you can deposit 1 LEO on the Ethereum blockchain and withdraw 1 LEO on the EOS blockchain. This is all done through Bitfinex. It is also expected to be launched on the Blockstream Liquid Network in the weeks to come.

People have a right to be skeptical about Bitfinex but I hope that they can set things right with the LEO token. Bitfinex has also launched a transparency initiative alongside it which offers insight into the fees collected on the platform and the revenues collected by iFinex. 

It may have already jumped up to rank 13 on CMC with a market cap of over $1.7 billion but it is still very early in the lifespan of the token and there is time yet to invest (people did the same with Bitcoin years ago and look how much profit they have now)



MKR is probably the most well known of the three tokens I have included in this list. It’s one of 2 coins in the MakerDAO stablecoin ecosystem. DAI is the actual stablecoin, but MKR is what makes the stablecoin different from the many other stablecoins in the market. 

MKR is a governance and utility token. Users with MKR can participate in voting proposals and so have a say in how the ecosystem is governed. It’s much more decentralized as compared to something like Tether. The voting proposals include things like voting which assets other than Ether can back the stablecoin. I think stability fees is another thing that can be voted on.

This token might rise towards the latter half of 2019 because of two reasons: I think the market is becoming more legitimate and drawing new investors, and stablecoins themselves are being seen as a good investment tool to buy other digital assets. The combination of these two will see new investors use the token to buy assets like Bitcoin - it’s not guaranteed that new investors will immediately understand that stablecoins are good way to beat volatility, but I hope some do. Experienced investors will do this though and I think stablecoins will see increased usage.



Qash is a token released by the Quione team, which has created the Liquid exchange. The latter focuses on liquidity and fiat pairings, so that people from all around the world can buy a range of assets with their national currency. 

The benefits of the QASH token for users is that it gives them discounts on trading and investment opportunities for new token launches. This is nothing spectacular by itself, as a lot of exchanges are trying to do something similar (BNB and their token launchpad comes to mind). 

But what I like about QASH is the liquid exchange itself because of the fiat pairings and the liquidity solutions they are trying to offer. In fact, the whole development path that crypto exchanges are taking has me very excited about a lot of tokens and platforms, but I’m setting aside some of my funds for QASH and BNB. It’s pretty much investing in exchanges that you think will do well. 

There are obviously more tokens to consider, but these are 3 of my favourites. 

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Chris Walker
Chris Walker

Now is always a good time to HODL :)


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