Nanswap: Swap in seconds Nano, Paw, Banano and many more!

Hey folks!

In this Decentralized Recommendations post we will showcase a game-changer service that has been deployed into the Nano ecosystem.

We are talking about Nanswap!

What is Nanswap?


Nanswap is a simple and instant Nano, Paw, Banano exchange service.

You can now transact your BTC, ETH, SHIB, LTC, KMD and many other coins seamlessly (with transaction costs/fees included) into the most popular DAG coins today.

By design, transacting with Nano, Paw and Banano have no fees and are generally executed in less than a second. With others crypto, there is transaction fees (gas fees, network fees, miner fees, etc), which are included in the estimated price.

Thanks to its own liquidity and connected exchanges, the service is able to provide you the best rates for Nano, Paw and Banano pairs.

Before using the service, please take this on consideration:

  • Minimum amount is 0.0001 XNO, 1 Paw or 0.01 Banano. It is less than 0.001$ which means you can freely try Nanswap using faucets!
  • Maximum amount depends of the swap pair and current liquidity.
  • As on any exchange, there is a gap between Buy and Sell price (spread).

How to make a swap? (Step by step)

1. Enter your desired amount, desired crypto and your crypto destination address.

Nanswap swap module

2. If you have a compatible wallet, click Open Wallet and send the transaction.
Otherwise, from your crypto wallet, send the "Amount to send" to the "Send to address".

Nanswap swap module

Once your deposit is detected, generally in less than a second, crypto will be instantly sent to your address.
No registration or email is required.

Nanswap Giveaway time!

Nanswap is hosting a Twitter Giveaway celebrating 10000 transactions completed in the service. If you haven't joined yet better to hurry!

You only need to post your Nano address as a reply to the tweet. Plus, if you want to enter the raffle for winning $100 of Nano then you must Follow Nanswap's Twitter account, Retweet that post and tag a friend who like Nano.

Note: tag me, so I can follow you too! ;) ;)

Nanswap Twitter Giveaway tweet

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  • Nanswap is a simple and instant Nano, Paw, Banano exchange service.
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