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Why Raw Vegan??

By space6irl | raw-vegan | 20 Jan 2022

A lot of people ask me why I drastically changed my diet from S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) to a raw vegan diet.

Some assume it was for the animals, others think I joined some kind of cult (LOL), but it really was for my health on a few different levels (not just physically). 




R.A.W. food is Real, Alive and Whole. Healthy, raw vegan recipes are just that: real alive and whole!

The human body loves raw food! These living foods will give us energy versus deprive us, these foods are healing versus toxifying. 

Here, I will briefly explain why it’s important to eat Real, Alive, and Whole foods.



Everything that we eat, breathe, drink, or even put on our skin will affect our wellbeing. It will either be nutritive or poisonous.

Artificial ingredients, distorted molecular structures (e.g. cooked food), genetically modified organisms (GMOs), heavy metals, preservatives, pesticides, etc. are not real, authentic food. In fact, many of these substances are harmful and questionable compounds that damage the body, causing an acid-like environment which creates inflammation and promotes disease. 


“Our physical bodies were ideally designed to consume raw foods. Everything else, from toxic chemicals, minerals, metals…are considered foreign pathogens that inflame, stimulate, irritate or kill cells”

-Robert Morse, N.D.



Our bodies need ‘living foods’.

Food has both a caloric energy (chemical energy) and also living, vibrational light energy in the form of biophotons

Stored sun energy finds its way into our cells through foods that emit these tiny particles of light.


“The latest research from Prof. F.A. Popp and Dr. H. Niggli shows that the more light a food is able to store, the more nutritious it is. Naturally grown fresh vegetables, for example, and sun-ripened fruits are rich in light energy.”

Gingi Freeman


The following chart summarizes the work of French scientist André Simoneton. With the help of electromagnetic equipment, he compared the degree of light energy (measured in angstroms) contained within various foods: 



angstroms and energy chart raw vegan  

As the chart shows, the electromagnetic or light energy of cooked foods is substantially lower than that of raw foods.

According to the biochemist, naturopath and raw food enthusiast, Dr. Morse, the reason for this is that:

“When heat is applied to a compound, its molecular structure changes somewhat, as electrons are altered. Think about what happens to water when you heat it—its form changes from liquid to vapor. With heat, unsaturated fats become saturated (as water-soluble constituents are destroyed, leaving only some of the elements that comprise them), and many dangerous and carcinogenic compounds are created when foods are cooked. Heat also destroys the enzymes in food, which are absolutely necessary as catalysts.

The bottom line is that the more energy your cells have, the healthier your body is. The less energy a cell has, the closer to destruction (by the immune system or parasitic response) it comes…

Just because something becomes “tradition” doesn’t mean it’s true and the right thing to do. Cooked foods are dead foods —their chemistry has been changed (sometimes radically) and their energy destroyed. “

-Robert Morse, N.D.



The human body is designed to eat raw and wholesome foods. The body can not properly utilize food in an unbalanced (non-wholesome) form.

Chemistry always seeks to balance itself out. When we eat isolated chemistry (e.g. processed foods and supplements) the body will draw from its own reserves to create balance. For example, if consuming processed foods, fried foods and meats, the body draws out calcium from the bones to restore equilibrium.

On the other hand, whole, unprocessed foods are composed of nutrients that work synergistically to support the body’s optimal functioning.


“Orthomolecular supplementation (vitamins and minerals) never cures. The power (or energy) of individual constituents can never match that of a whole food complex. In nature all things work together and with clockwork precision. 

When you separate the nutrition in food, and only give back certain constituents, you miss the synergistic properties of the whole.  This causes a loss of proper utilization.” 

-Robert Morse, N.D. 


In conclusion, there are many reasons to eat raw, living foods! These are just some of the main points I chose to write about. I hope it helped encourage you to try out some of these recipes on the site. They aren’t just healthy, they are delicious and RAWsome!

  path to a raw vegan recipe  

My Personal Experience

For years, I have had a strong drive to “innerstand” what Is. Therefore, this led me to explore various branches of religions, ancient modalities of healthful living, and to navigate through different theories on consciousness. Through years of research on these subjects and from directly observing my own experiences while practicing yoga, qi gong and meditation, I found several personal truths that I love sharing with friends and family.

Going forward, I drastically changed my lifestyle and stopped eating the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet)-completely eliminating meat, dairy, cooked foods, etc. Upon discovering the outcomes, not only from a spiritual outlook, but also from a scientific perspective, I just couldn’t go back to my old lifestyle, and I’m glad I haven’t because I feel so much better!

Through my own journey on this ‘living foods path’, I no longer have anxiety (something I struggled with for many years), my posture has significantly improved, I can breathe better, I have been more in touch with my own intuition, and more! I also have heard others state their testimonials of significant benefits that they too, have had after switching to an all raw foods diet.

I'm excited to see how much my physical, mental, and emotional body will heal and progress more as I move forward in this lifestyle. 



mandy in tree rawsome recipe founder

One of the big truths I have discovered is about the connection between Health and Spirituality. That is, these two subjects seem to go hand-in-hand and complement each other. Having a pure vessel is a great way to be an open receiver to our innate wisdom (the “higher self” connection). Some people call this “intuition” or our “sixth sense”. This sense is completely natural. However, through years of unhealthy lifestyles, many of us become numb to this vital sense. Although, we can reverse this stagnation, and that is something I love helping others realize.

I want to share fun recipes here that are not only delicious, but also packed with essential nutrients, biophotons (light energy), electrolytes and more!  

Sometimes when I tell others  about my dietary lifestyle, they say things like, “Oh there’s no WAY I could do that, or I would miss *insert specific food here* too much!” I let them know that they can still enjoy the taste of almost all of their favorite dishes and more! I have made raw vegan mac-n-cheese, “ham”burgerslasagnaice-cream, you name it! We can be exponentially creative with the plants we have. After all, herbs are what created the flavors for the majority of everyone’s favorite dishes anyway! It’s fun to enjoy these raw dishes that not only taste amazing, but are actually healthy too. They will also put you on the path of feeling better on All levels!

I am eager to share these healthy raw vegan recipes for anyone on any path and I hope it encourages more of us to enter into a journey of healing and vitality! 



path raw vegan healthy lifestyle

It would be awesome to see more raw vegan restaurants open up (with similar recipes), and maybe even healthy fast food places too! Perhaps as awareness and knowledge of this lifestyle spreads, it will no longer be a foreign concept to mainstream restaurants as well, and we could ask for raw vegan options wherever we go.

It’s not a good sign when some of the foods we buy at the store has “natural” on the label. This is even despite the fact that most of the foods don’t have that on the label. The foods we eat should not have to say “natural”, they should just simply be natural. We should be able to eat Real, Alive, and Whole foods, and not question our health.

A real dream come true would be to see everyone being able to reach their full potential, while also feeling great. I would love to see everyone have optimal energy,  feel great mentally and emotionally, have confidence in their intuition, and fully achieve anything their heart desires. We all flourish together!

We can take those steps, one delicious dish at a time (or perhaps, several, with these healthy raw vegan recipes).

May your journey be Rawsome!


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