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By Chriss | Rapids Network | 27 Oct 2019

Good morning, everyone!


What do you plan to do for your next Halloween?

You don't know yet? Well, you know that Rapids Network has concocted terrifying and horrible games for you, with dripping $RPD rewards!
All the ingredients to start this Halloween celebration in the sweetest terror there is.

Let's already go back to the foundation of this celebration (because yes, all celebrations have their own history and the more time goes by, the less we remember the ancestral origins of them)

Let's go back about 3000 years, I know, you're going to tell me that you can't, because you weren't born yet (who knows, you may be a thousand-year-old soul in perpetual wandering, because you haven't found your way back, without even knowing it)

Halloween, an alteration of "All Hallows Eve" from its original name "Samain" or "Samhain" (some writings do not agree on spelling) symbolizes the last day of the year (because 3000 years ago, our calendar did not end on December 31, but a full moon night at the end of October at our friends the Celts, do you remember?)

Basically the Samain/Samhain festival lasted 7 days (you realize, 7 days of non-stop celebration), 3 days before and 3 days after the full moon and was mandatory for everyone, regardless of their Social origin, under penalty of Divine Punishment

The Celts thought that, on the night of Samain (the night of the full moon), the boundaries between the worlds of the dead and the living were created and that spirits came to visit the living, losing the time of one night their invisibility.

There are many anecdotes about this Celtic festival, including my favorite, to prevent the spirits that became visible from haunting them, the Celts had some rituals including dressing in terrifying costumes to scare the ghosts (and thus avoid being dragged across the border) and gathering to celebrate the evening of the last full Moon in October, and so this last of the year

About 2000 years later, with the arrival of Christianity and the Romans, who demonized this pagan feast and despite their efforts to destroy this ancestral feast, and its temples, it is precisely in 837 that All Saints' Day (the feast of all saints - Toussaint in French) is inscribed in the Liturgical calendar, and therefore, Halloween having survived, will be celebrated the day before November 1st, so you have understood it, it has not even been 1200 years that a clear and defined date for Halloween was set

It was the Irish and Scottish immigrants who brought with them their stories and legends, as well as the Halloween tradition to the United States!

In the 19th century, this day became a National Day, perpetuating the tradition of dressing up in a frightening way on the evening of October 31st, while adding to it the famous phrase that we all know as "Trick or Treat"

That's it for the little minute Halloween Story, I'm sure it will bring back good memories for some of our readers, if you look in your memory well

To celebrate this exciting event, Rapids Network asked its community, Rapids Outreach, to rethink Halloween in a Rapids version

They have prepared superb and terrifying things for us to do, to see, to win, but it is good luck to tell you more (don't tempt the spirits, don't forget that on Halloween night they are all ready) HAHAHAHAHA !! 

I give you a brief overview of what is planned for this event 

  • Rapids - Reaper 
  • Rapids - Castle 

    The festivities will begin on Monday, October 28th, the night of the last full moon in October, the evening of "Samain/Samhain" (in respect of this ancestral festival).

    You are all invited and especially welcome and do not forget, save your soul, disguise yourself for the festivities

If the spirits come to get you, because you didn't scare them enough, too bad for you, you will have been warned


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