What the new Tipping Coins for Publish0x should be!

What the new Tipping Coins for Publish0x should be!

By TrocProcLock | Random Tech News | 18 Sep 2021

No Publish0x didn't release a new tipping coin. However I think I have cracked the case on a nice little feature Publish0x should add. Here me out on this one guys I think you will all like it.

For those of us who have been around Publish0x for a while understand that a lot of the tipping tokens utilized are used because there is some incentive to the Publish0x team. Not saying the Publish0x teams gets paid under the table for shilling tokens but maybe Company X will give $10,000 of it's tokens to Publish0x to use as a tipping token if Publish0x pays $1,000 worth of fiat for it. Or maybe they do get them for free so Company X can have the publicity and people using their token. We don't really know but based on Igor's previous posts and comments about wanting suggestions for projects that are looking to partner up with Publish0x to use their tipping token, I think it's a fair statement.

That being said I am not going to sit here and say that Publish0x should add Litecoin as a 3rd tipping token or something like that. 

I have been over on Noise.Cash for a few months now. Find me here. I have made a pretty penny over there writing short 'tweet' like posts and information things. (picture if twitter and publish0x had a baby). Over on Noise.Cash they have changed and altered their tipping mechanism as well. At first you would slowly build up a stockpile of BCH (usually maxed out at $0.75). You could then choose whom to pass those tips out to. Then it changed to when you "Heart" a post there is a chance that Heart will equal a tip in BCH. Basically you earned BCH from posting and getting tips or hearts. It worked out well. The one main payment/tipping option that Noise.Cash has that Publish0x doesn't though is the QR tipping mechanism (they are working on a built in wallet as well to not have to QR code tip but same principle applies).


You can go to a post you really like and Heart it. Maybe that Heart turns into a tip and maybe it doesn't. You don't have any control over that. Well with the QR code option I could send them a BCH tip from my personal wallet to their post at whatever amount I choose. It is a quick an easy way to send someone some love for posting great content. 

I have also dabbled in Read.Cash as well. Long story short I do not like Read.Cash but that is personal. However Read.Cash does tipping a little different as well. You can receive tips for making posts and you can 'sponsor' authors too and give them some shall we say passive tips for writing articles. But what I want to focus on is that on Read.Cash you have a built in wallet that accumulates. You then can withdraw said tips into your personal wallet. But before you do that you can use the tips you received to tip other authors.


You can see where I am going with this. In order to Publish0x to survive the next year I think it needs to implement a wallet that you control. I don't think Publish0x needs to change their withdrawal process or the KuCoin partnership. I do think they need to let us choose how we want to spend our tips. Say for example I have $5 in AMPL sitting in my Publish0x 'wallet'. My only 2 options are to withdraw it to my on-chain wallet or withdrawal it to my KuCoin wallet. What if I read a great article that is super in depth and deserves more than a $0.01 tip. What if I want to send that person some love and give them some on my crypto instead?

Well you can't. The only way for that to be possible is if they spam at the bottom of their article all their crypto addresses and you send them over a tip. I hate when authors do that as it clutters up their posts. If there was a simple QR code I could scan from Trust Wallet and send them AMPL that would be awesome. Or even better if I could pull from my tips that I earned and send them to another author. 

Another thing that would be nice is if we were allowed tip comments as well. Sometimes I write an article and someone writes a novel as a comment with very useful and helpful information that helps me and the other readers of my articles. I would love to be able to send that commenter some love. I think this is key because it would incentivize people to write quality comments. Right now if you are not an author the only way to earn income here on Publish0x is by tipping authors and keeping some of the tip for yourself so like what $0.04 a day max? 

We need good authors here but we also need people to read our articles or this site won't last long. Giving them another option to earn crypto will only help us all and it won't cost the Publish0x team a dime except time and effort to implement such a option.

With all this being said as well I don't think Publish0x should open the floodgates. I think that they should enable us to send our earned tips of AMPL and FARM to each other AND add a 3rd option. Something like BTC or ETH or even Nano or LTC. Some other token that we pay with our own funds. I think the most logical choice would be BCH but that is just me :)

I write all this not to bash Publish0x at all. I think they have made a hell of a blogging site. I have learned so much here and also I have earned so much here as well. That doesn't mean though that I am blind to Publish0x's shortcomings. I understand why they have to halve the tipping amounts. I support them 100% in that. But if you take away something the people liked and used, I think they need to replace it with something else and the options I suggested would not come out of the Publish0x teams pockets. 


Also when is Publish0x going to leave "Beta"?


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I am a crypto enthusiast and also a crypto noob :) Just trying to learn more each day.

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