Brave for Android is fully rebuilt!
Brave for Android is fully rebuilt!

By TrocProcLock | Random Tech News | 8 Apr 2020

As of April 6th Brave browser version 1.5.120 is available for download/update on the Play Store. There are few changes that I believe are major that will help Brave on Android immensely. 

So to the normal user the new version will look identical, which is a good thing. However there is a lot under the hood that has changed. Compared to the previous version (1.5.9) there is a 5% battery saving and a 3% saving for CPU and Data consumption. Brave was already miles ahead of its competitors and this is only going to help put a spotlight on them for being a speedier and better browser. I am not going to bore you with all the testing they do to make sure their browser is fast but lets just saw they are always testing each version to make sure it never gets slower or worse for your battery or data. Here is their graph showing the performance of their new version 1.5.130 versus the previous version 1.5.9


So another great thing about the new update is that is is now based on the same Chromium code repository as the desktop Brave browser. This is the real game changer people. There are a lot of features in the Android version that are missing that are on the desktop browser. That is due to the fact it was sort of a different browser and as such would require to much programming to make them perform the same. Now anything that is built for the desktop browser can easily be built for the mobile browser. Brave uses Extensions as an example of things that the Android version of the app will support in the future.

But what I am most excited about is a seamless experience between the two. Right now the Brave Rewards you earn on mobile can't be withdrawn to your uphold wallet. You can tip yourself with your Brave Rewards and use it as a work around, but it's not easy for the average user. This change makes it easier to implement that and let you withdraw your earning to Uphold. It will also make password syncing, bookmark syncing and the like much easier.

A few tips about the Brave Browser. When comparing Brave to Chrome, Firefox and Opera it has a 30% to 50% savings in bandwidth and battery reduction.


Brave has 13.5 million monthly active users.

Brave has 4.3 million daily active users.

Brave is the best browser hands down! :)


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Random Tech News
Random Tech News

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