Brave Browser releases Brave Talk (Zoom/Webex) for free

Brave Browser releases Brave Talk (Zoom/Webex) for free

By TrocProcLock | Random Tech News | 23 Sep 2021

It's just another day in the neighborhood.... oh WAIT no it isn't lol Brave Browser just released "Brave Talk".

What is Brave Talk you may be asking yourself. Well do you know what Zoom is? Do you know what Webex is? Do you know what video conferencing is? Well then you know what Brave Talk is. Brave Talk is Brave's rendition of video conferencing but on steroids.


Right off the bat let's walk though how to get to it. If you open a new tab in Brave you will see a new icon in the lower right hand corner that looks kind of like a camera.


Once you click it, then you will be brought here:


Right off the bat you have 2 options. You can start a 1on1 call for free as many times as you like. Or you can sign up for Premium which will get your video calls with hundreds of participants for $7/month. I have already checked and you can only pay with a Credit Card.


Let's just start a 1on1 call and see how it goes.

When you select it you will be brought to this screen. You will need to enter a name for yourself


There are the standard options as well, (microphone and camera settings, sounds and alerts as well). The one thing I noticed that I really liked is that you can set the Desktop Sharing Framerate which is a super handy feature. You do have to restart the stream after you change that setting though.


Then all that left to do is join the meeting. The real bread and butter of this video conferencing solution is in the stats and options. I have used Zoom, and I used Webex every day for work, I have also used Teams for video conferencing. And while this won't replace business class solutions overnight it does do a lot of things right.


You can enable the chat on the left and view participants on the right. Which is very handy.

Speaker Stats: brings up a window to show how long each person has talked for

Disable Everyone's Camera: self explanatory but super nice feature

Mute Everyone: feature most software's have but still nice

Start Live Stream: This is king here. You can enter your YouTube live stream key and stream your meeting to YouTube live.....

Start subtitles: super handy feature but haven't been able to test that out yet

Start Recordings: again it's a known feature they all have but nice none the less

You can also enable a "lobby" feature which requires anyone who tries to join to be let into the Brave Talk. It is nice and stops spammers from joining.


Now how do you get another person to join the meeting? It's so easy that it's take a second to figure out. There is no 'share' link anywhere or any setting that would lead you to find it. It truly is the URL of the tab you are on. Everytime you start a call you get a new unique URL to share to a person that you want to join. 

I have also tested that other browsers can in fact join a Brave Talk. However a new Brave Talk session can only be started from the Brave Browser.

Now why would you use Brave Talk when you can use so many other options out there for free that are more full featured. And to be honest you could. Video Conferencing are a dime a dozen. Even if you wanted to do a screen share there are so many other options. However if there is 1 thing we have learned with Brave is that they block all the nasty extra monitoring crap from the internet and they do not track our online activities. Everything in Brave Talk is encrypted so that nobody knows what you are saying or what you are showing on your screen share. That alone makes it better then every other competitor out there.

Brave keeps on just popping up new features and new features and they are knocking them all out of the park. Brave News was awesome. Brave Search was awesome. Brave Browser was awesome. I truly am excited for what is next.

One thing to note is that Android and iOS Brave Browser does not support the free version yet but does support the premium version. They have stated that the Free version will be supported in "the coming weeks".

Don't  forget about BAT. The Cryptocurrency behind the browser!

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