Why do we have weird dreams?

Why do we have weird dreams?

By Lukros76 | Random Stuffness | 14 May 2021

Often times we dream of the weirdest stuff... it's rarely ever just a stroll in the park or a boring day at work. It's usually a bus full of bees, curtains made of wood and a murderous serial killer whos gimmick is to kill you by constantly untying your shoelace until you fall over to your death. Why is it that we dream like this though? There has been much research as to why we have these types of dreams and a recent theory that was inspired by AI tells us that the weirdness may be deeply connected with it's primary purpose.

The theory was researched and defined in a paper by Erik Hoel, an assistant professor at a university and a novelist.

Before we dive into his theory let me first tell you a few other theories that try to explain the same exact thing. 

  • dreams help us selectively forget undesirable connections
  • they help us prepare for situations that are yet to come
  • they help us recall and precisely recollect memories

Hoel however thinks these theories do not take into consideration the fact that we rarely ever dream of memories or realistic situations

“Dreams themselves never actually involve explicit memories that we have. The only instance it seems where people really repeat specific memories during dreams is when it is a sign of diagnosable post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).”

He calls his theory the "overfitted brain hypothesis". I won't bore you with the details, the name explains it quite well but in essence he means to say that dreams are a way in which we remove ourselves from our boring daily lives and set ourselves into exciting situations therefore desaturizing our brain from all the boredom and everyday activities.

If you want to learn more read this article - here

or read his entire paper if you are really interested.

That's that from me, hope you liked it!

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