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Find out if you have impostor syndrome (+ My experience).

By ramonoropeza | ramonoropeza | 3 May 2020

Talking about this syndrome is talking a little about my life. If you do not know what this syndrome is about, it is very possible that you feel identified and perhaps suffer in some measure. Imposter syndrome is a psychological phenomenon in which a person is unable to assume his achievements on his own merit and has a persistent fear of being perceived as fraud.

To me particularly, it has happened to me all my life. At school, with my friends, at work. I feel that everything I have achieved is by pure luck, because I know that there are better people than me. In classes, it happened to me a lot that a teacher asked something (something I knew) and was not able to answer, because for me, that question was very obvious and anyone should know it. And seeing that no one answered, I was already embarrassed to respond for fear of becoming the class brain.

In my job, I came to reject a promotion (that I had earned) because I felt that "it was a lot of responsibility" for me. Even in my personal life, I have stopped being with girls, because I could not believe that they liked me, and that made me shy with women.

Over time, I have been able to overcome this problem. I am grateful when they recognize me for something or pay me a compliment. Also, it has helped me self congratulate myself on a good job. Because I was also very demanding of myself and everything had to be perfect. But that's over and I'm happy.


Identify if you have imposter syndrome.

Have you ever been to work thinking you are a fraud? Are you convinced that people will guess your intentions and realize that you don't know what you're talking about? Does failure terrify you?

If when you go to work you think you are a fraud, if you think that when talking about a topic you are worried that people realize that you do not know what you are talking about, and you are afraid of failure. Although you demonstrate your ability in your working life, are you convinced that you do not deserve the success you have achieved? Do you suffer from chronic insecurity? The "impostors" reject any demonstration of success and think that it is by mere luck, that is, being in the right place and time, or deceiving others into thinking that they are smarter and more capable than they really are.

To overcome this syndrome, I can affirm that starting with modest thanks for the compliments and giving thanks for your merits is a good start. Acknowledging what you are good at and what you really need to improve will make you progress along the path you have set out.

Currently, even though I have been writing on the internet for a while (since 2018), it is until now that I recognize myself as a good writer. I know there are thousands better than me, but this is no longer a problem for me, because I write because I also like to do it. My fear of being classified as a fraud arises since I started writing online. Well, I did it from the need to bring food to my house, my main objective was to get some reward. And it is until recently that I realized that there is nothing wrong with it if you really have things to say and if you know how to say it.

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