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My mother's impossible nightmare

By ramonoropeza | ramonoropeza | 30 Apr 2020

We are in the year 2000 and my mother works at the Compañía Anónima Nacional Telefonos de Venezuela (CANTV for its Spanish acronym). She works as a telecommunications technician at that company. She has been during its privatization and nationalization. This is especially important, since many jobs are offered depending on the political party in command of the State. My mother has always been a socialist trend and so with Chavez in power she feels a little calmer for not losing her job just because of her political opinion, for this and many other reasons it is how Chávez has conquered hearts to be able to come to power. But this is an other history.

My childhood has been quite normal, although I have not had a father figure, my mother works very hard so that me and my brother do not lack anything. Venezuela is a great country, public schools are great, CANTV covers all our medical needs; I am overweight, my mother complies with my whims and takes me to eat at McDonalds and pizza, she buys me the sweets and I drink a lot of Coca-Cola. Also, he takes me to the movies every week and when it's baseball season, my brother and I go to almost every game. I am a very lucky boy.

As a matter of work, she must travel a lot throughout the country making plans for telecommunications networks, her work is really important, I admire her. This weekend I arrive very tired, barely and greet me. After bathing, he fell into bed and slept very soundly until the other day.

The next morning, when I wake up, I see my mother sitting on the edge of the bed. Looking into space and with a somewhat pale face. Seeing that I am awake, between a scary smile he says to me: Ramón I had a horrible dream, a real nightmare (Hahahaha laughs). And start telling me...

Ramón, he says, I dreamed that you had grown up and that I was retired from CANTV. That the economic situation of the country is very bad and our lives were very different. Apparently, with my retirement salary it was not enough for anything and you had to leave the university to bring food to the house. That you had to travel kilometers to look for water on foot because there was no longer any water service. Also, we did not have a fridge and we had to store the food in the neighbors' house. It was all very horrible Ramón (he continues telling me), we hardly had anything to eat and you earned something online to be able to eat, a digital currency (hahaha, my mother laughs), the electric service was suspended every night and your cousin, with the You play every day, he had left the country with many others in the family because everything here was unbearable. When he said that it gave me some fear, I can't imagine being far from my family, it must be very painful. Also, the fact of not having a fridge, I check it from time to time to have some fruit (hahaha). And that of electrical service is impossible, how can you damage the entire electrical system of a country?

She continues, and tells me, the most incredible thing was not that. Rather, the Venezuelan government is run by drug traffickers and they give boxes of food and alms to people so they don't starve. And everything is within a world in the midst of a global pandemic, a virus that kills thousands of people, that was very ugly because in the news there were people dying in the streets and the dead could not have a funeral service...

As she continues to tell me her nightmare of impossible moments, I meditate on everything she has told me. There are those who think that dreams can come true or are visions, but my mother has gone to the extreme, she must be very exhausted by her work, I needed it after a hard week without seeing her. At that moment my mother laughs as if she was draining all the stress from work and that horrible nightmare, and she says to me: Ramón, in the end, do you know that there was also in my dream? UFOs. Hahahaha, Do you think something like this can happen?


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