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Do you know why 2016 was the worst year in Venezuela? 10 tweets tell you.

By ramonoropeza | ramonoropeza | 1 May 2020

Today, browsing the internet a bit, I have found a series of testimonies of how 2016 was the worst year for many Venezuelans. They are heartbreaking testimonies and with which I feel very identified. That year I had to stop studying to start working and be able to bring food to my house, that year I spent three days without eating, I was sad to ask for food from my friends and it was the fourth day that I went to university and my Friends asked me if something was wrong and I didn't hold back my tears to tell how hungry I was, and that my family hadn't eaten either. It was truly a horrible year. And I don't wish anyone to go through this. I am forbidden to forget those who have led us to this catastrophe and who must pay for all the evil they have done.

The testimonies arose from a Tweet and there the thread was opened. Here I leave the original and the English version.

Tweet 1. There was a time in 2016 when there was nothing at all, nothing and you had to eat Arepas with freshly ground corn, auyama, yucca, and green plantain, and coffee with "papelón" (because there was no sugar or or was incomparable).


Tweet 2. It was the worst year, I had to get up super early in the morning to help my family to queue at the supermarkets because to buy the order it was for the last number of the ID, risking that when it was my turn, there would be no food. From that moment I learned to eat everything there was and not to leave anything on the plate.


Tweet 3. My most traumatic time for the blackouts was in 2014 and in 2018 we were quite hungry, we began to lose weight, the unfortunate thing is that it is returning with this pandemic. I already lost my appetite from eating so much arepa without a nice filling. I only hope that we manage to survive such misfortune.


Tweet 4. 2016 was a really difficult year, we also went through just having water in the fridge, eating only white pasta (if we could get it), trying to sweeten with glucose. Very hard.


Tweet 5. I don't think I wish anyone the trauma of having to grind a kilo of white corn in order to have just a few arepas that tasted like plasticine for breakfast. (And sometimes only with butter).


Tweet 6. That year my brother committed suicide due to the situation, the hunger I went through, I have already overcome it, the death of my brother I will continue crying forever.


Tweet 7. I remember one night, I had to pretend that I was not hungry so that my younger brother could eat well, I only had a cup of coffee without sugar.


Tweet 8. I had to sell my car, a corsa speed, to be able to buy food. With the 620,000Bs I bought 2 packages of flour, rice and other things and then I was left without a car and without food, damn 2016.


Tweet 9. 2016 was a fateful year. But for many Venezuelan families, things have been getting worse. What is clear is that this 2020 is making it very difficult for all of us, but in Venezuela it is another level.


Tweet 10. I lived it, it was horrible, but it taught me a lot and made me want to get ahead, but despite that I do not wish anyone to pass that experience.


These testimonies mostly belong to young people. We feel that we have lost our youth trying to survive all the challenges that life imposes on us. They are real and crude descriptions with which I feel fully identified and I cannot contain my tears in remembering those days and knowing that there are still many Venezuelans who are having a really bad time. I stay with the last testimony, and give encouragement to all those who are having a bad time during this quarantine: resist, the world, your world is not ending. And as long as there is health and life you can always start again.

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