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Axie Infinity: A Chance in the Crisis? | Earn ETH with this CryptoGame.

By ramonoropeza | ramonoropeza | 21 Apr 2020

In the midst of the economic crisis that we are all in, cryptocurrencies emerge as a viable alternative to earn income. Looking for how to make extra money I have got this crypto game that looks hopeful.

Axie Infinity is basically about having and raising your "Axies" you can train them for battle and you can also reproduce them. The interesting thing about this crypto game is that being on the blockchain, the "axies" are yours and they are in your ETH wallet.

Axie Infinity is interesting for her small love potion (SLP). The SLP is a necessary tool for the reproduction of Axies so it is always demanded by the players and generates value. SLPs can be exchanged in Uniswap and it is obtained only by playing or also buying in the market.

In conclusion, Axie Infinity can make extra money by spending a little time in order to make your Axies gain value. For my part I have not been able to start playing because to start you have to have 3 axies and I do not have the money. Minimum you need $USD 10 in ETH to start playing.


Thank you for reading. If you know of other ways to generate extra money in this crisis, leave a comment. If you can help me complete the money to start playing this game I will be very grateful. If you want to start playing here I leave you some interesting guides and links. (MarketPlace) << how to start and everything you need to know << how to breed your axies and get the most of it!

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