10 useful tips to survive bad times.

By ramonoropeza | ramonoropeza | 30 Mar 2020

We are in a time of anger. Of uncertainty. Anxious and locked up. Many do not think about the future out of fear. But his coming is inevitable. This writing is nothing more than proven advice in my experience in constantly surviving the ravages of the situation in Venezuela. I really hope it will be useful for each of the readers.

1. Be close to your Family. During all these bad times it is through my family and friends that we have managed to cope with many difficult situations. It's about emotional support and being around loyal people you know will be there for the bad times.

2. Practice solidarity. Being supportive is very important in these times of anger. I have particularly helped in any way I can during this ordeal. However small your solidarity action may be, do it. Well, this generated empathy will come back when you also need help. Whether it's carrying the food bag or taking care of a pet, don't be indifferent to the problems of your friends and neighbors. Being supportive is always a good investment.

3. Consume what is strictly necessary. In the hard times, he had nothing to eat. We still don't have a fridge in my house and this made it more difficult to have food. I remember that there were days when I didn't eat anything and the next day I had to go to college on an empty stomach. Many times my mother complains that we only have white rice to eat. But that is better than nothing. Believe me you have to be very strong mentally to just eat white rice every day. If your family is large, organize portions of what each should consume. Don't spend on unnecessary things: goodies or energy drinks. Take care of your health by nourishing your body.

4. Take care of your physical and mental health. In Venezuela the saying "He has the Maduro diet" became very popular to refer to people who were malnourished and had lost a lot of weight during that period. And it really was so. People lost a lot of weight especially during carbohydrate shortages. This had many consequences for the physical and mental health of many people. Depressions due to their new gloomy appearance and weakness in their immune systems, being more likely to contract diseases. To counteract this, I recommend training your body and thus maintaining and strengthening your muscles. Training also helps boost self-esteem and strengthen your immune system.

5. Always have the Internet. He helped me find alternative ways to get money. Also, to always be informed and communicated. The internet is always a great tool to communicate with our loved ones and the world. During the entire week-long national blackout, there was much uncertainty about not having news of anything. Very few people had access to the internet through their cell phones. Particularly I did not have internet access during the blackout.

6. Employment. If you have lost your job I recommend looking for a food related position. Here in Venezuela, I always worked in the kitchen and there I could eat and take food home. I worked more for what I ate in the kitchen than for what I was paid as a salary. Also, it is recommended to have remote jobs or related to the transport sector.

7. Savings and investments. Hyperinflation in Venezuela has not stopped. And the trend is to increase. To counter this problem, many Venezuelans chose to switch to a stronger currency such as the dollar or the euros. Also, the purchase of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has been booming. However, there is no better investment than buying inventory for your own business. At this point in which I was starting my own business, is what I have done. I bought some necessary supplies to make bread. Thus, if the bad times pass quickly, I will have to start without much setback; And if the bad weather has not passed, I will have something to eat for my house and family. Before looking for a job, if it is within your possibilities create your own job offering services or products, you will see better remuneration over time, however, it is a long and hard process.

8. Educate yourself. Take advantage of the quarantine to meditate on your life and think about your passions. In the most difficult moments I had to stop going to university and started working in the kitchen. Here I discovered this facet of myself, and studied for Executive Chef with a lot of effort. Until last year I took a bakery course and now I love bakery. And I am ready for work. Discover your passion, develop knowledge about it and take advantage of it.

9. Strengthen your Faith. Regardless of your beliefs you must strengthen your beliefs. Even if you only believe in yourself. Feed that, strengthen your character and attitude in the face of life's difficulties. The idea is to come out of this situation much stronger.

10. Love. If something leaves me with bad times, it is that we must learn to love in order to advance in life and cope with any situation. Love yourself and your loved ones and show it. Laugh and enjoy each day with them and each sacrifice will be worth it.

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My name is Ramón Oropeza, I am a cook, I like cryptocurrencies and I want to have my own bakery!


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