Adoption and acceptance of Bitcoin Cash in my small business.
Adoption and acceptance of Bitcoin Cash in my small business.

By ramonoropeza | ramonoropeza | 8 Mar 2020

It is characteristic of true entrepreneurs not to surrender to the difficulties that arise in the way to the realization of a company. Starting a business is not easy and doing it here in Venezuela from scratch is a very difficult challenge.

In a past article, I asked three questions about the adoption and acceptance of Bitcoin Cash in my small business. Thanks to @F.B. For your recommendations, I managed to install on my cell phone (ZTE A10 O.S: Android 5.1.) the wallet and the registration application (I had to delete many things).

Then, download the Electron Cash SLP wallet on my PC and create a new wallet just for the bakery. Which, I synchronized with my cell phone wallet and the registration application.

Therefore, I have everything strictly necessary to receive payments in Bitcoin Cash. As for the price of the products, it would be the following:

Braided sweet rolls: $ 0.20 each.


Venezuelan Baguette (Pan Canilla): $ 0.40 each


Cinnamon Roll: $ 0.40 each.


@F.B. He also recommended me to create a SLP TOKEN. I am still not sure how to implement a token regarding my products and services. What I am sure of is that I must create a TOKEN SLP if I want my clients to use Bitcoin Cash and know about cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

A token with utility in my business, would attract a lot of attention from my clients and in this way could get into them Bitcoin cash and Blockchain. I am searching the internet for experiences regarding this to adapt it to my business.

Is it possible for an SLP token to have value compared to other cryptocurrencies, including BCH? It would be very interesting to think about this since in an economy such as Venezuela (where hyperinflation has made us adopt different payment methods), it is possible that an SLP token becomes a local currency and all thanks to a bread. (Hahaha)

I hope to be reporting more progress soon.


Here the wallet where I will receive payments from my clients. If you want and you like my idea you can donate me to continue with this project. I write this in search of financial help to boost this small business and thus be able to help our families. The goal is to reach $ 3000 and buy materials and utensils necessary to work from our small apartment. I am already grateful.



My name is Ramón Oropeza, I am a cook, I like cryptocurrencies and I want to have my own bakery!


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