How to Apply Product / Service Quality Metrics to Your Publish0x Posts.

How to Apply Product / Service Quality Metrics to Your Publish0x Posts.

By rah | rah | 17 Jan 2021

Publish0x is a fantastic platform and as far as I am concerned it offers the best free crypto anywhere to be found. Faucets are painstakingly slow, but do tend to gather momentum the more you use them (see my previous comments and afterword at the bottom about Cointiply) and while Coinbase earn does tend to be relatively generous their offers are one offs.

Publish0x offers clients free crypto for both reading and blogging and while the reading rewards are probably comparable in terms of payouts to faucets it is in the blogging where the real rewards are received. My fellow bloggers I am sure will not disagree and it is to my fellow bloggers that I write today.

One of the things that I have noticed is that sometimes you put a lot of work in to producing a post and it seems to receive little reward and other times you just bang out a few thoughts on your keyboard and before you know it you at in $4+ territory and often higher. I use $4 as a benchmark to measure both how well-received my post is and how well it is liked. Comments also provide ancillary evidence too.

As a business coach I generally use three main metrics to assess a product or service and look to how they can be leveraged to their fullest potential. the three metrics are namely;

  • Reliability
  • Quality
  • User-friendliness / Utilisation

It suddenly struck me that just maybe I can use these same metrics when measuring my posts and share my thoughts with the community. Please note as I share there is no such thing as a clinical division of these three areas. It is not possible to compartmentalise them and thus inevitably in my descriptions below there will be some unavoidable overlap.


Write what you know and know what you write

Very simply if you write articles to share with a community you want them to trust what you are saying. The fact is that posts are used to build a relationship with your fellow bloggers or your followers. They need to know that what you write is fair, honest and well-researched. Provide data where possible to support your ideas and don't just copy and paste things that even you struggle to grasp. Those of you who follow me know I love providing data in the form of Excel screenshots.

Additionally, don't go too far into subjects that you have limited knowledge about and pretend to be an expert. When I was at school my friends and I had a saying "Bulls**t is bulls**t and you can smell it a mile away". Personally this means I will share a lot from life experience and my financial knowledge and understanding of the banking sector, but you will very rarely see me share on blockchain in any depth. The reason for this is very simple I understand the basic principles of how blockchain works and I have a client (non-crypto) who is a huge advocate of blockchain methodology, but I don't understand it in enough depth to be able to share with any authority.

In building your relationships let your fellow Publish0xers know they can trust you


People want and reward value

Quality can broadly be divided into two, Firstly there is the quality of the writing and secondly the quality of the content.



Sometimes posts are just cobbled together and it is fairly obvious that no work or effort has been put into it. I am sure I am not alone in seeing from time to time, a post that comprises only of links or a video (which wouldn't be so bad if the bloggers had produced it themselves - the fact they didn't also raises originality issues).

They offer nothing and should receive nothing.

Publish0x is primarily an English language platform so make sure you get your English right. Write initially in a word-processor such as Word and use its tools. Run your text through an online editor like Grammarly and ensure the quality is high. These tools are not perfect so you still need to go through the text carefully. It is not acceptable just to drop it into Google Translate, which is admittedly getting better and better, but still has a long way to go in producing authenticity. I will admit that I am not perfect and from time to time you may too see typos from me (!!!)

Order your thoughts and create a coherent post that is supported by the use of relevant images that help make the post look more appealing and add to the story you are trying to tell.



To a large extent this has already been described in the Reliability section above and will be further explored below.

Make sure that what you write is informative, helpful and at the very least interesting. The narrative should flow naturally and should have a clear point to make. Don't be over-simplistic at the risk of patronising your reader, but don't overload it with jargon either. In my English coaching (part of my entire suite of Language / Business and Soft Skills Training) I often use the following two sentences to illustrate what I mean.

With great trepidation the young couple surreptitiously absconded ahead of their incandescent family and took flight to Gretna Green where the exchanged nuptials before any kind of hindrance could be cast against them.


Fearfully, the two young lovers escaped secretly and unnoticed from their angry family and went to Gretna Green* just across the English-Scottish border where they quickly got married before anybody could do anything about it.

The two sentences mean exactly the same thing with only the second sentence providing a little bit of of additional cultural meaning when explaining where Gretna Green is. In the past Scotland had more liberal marriage laws and young couples (over 16 but younger than 18) whose parents disapproved of their union would often run away to Scotland to secretly get married. Gretna Green being just over the border was an ideal place and even today still has a bit of a romantic pull on it.

The point however is that the first sentence is hard to read, even for the native speaker. So just use the second sentence.

User-friendliness / Utilisation

Relevance is everything and irrelevance is nothing

This really is very simple. Give your customer / client / follower what they want. Is it information that can be used and is it presented in such a way that the information shared is useful? If somebody wants to buy a family car the salesman doesn't show him / her a truck.

A few months ago I did an analysis of my posts and found that, overwhelmingly, people are interested in and tip most generously crypto based posts. There is some interest in business posts but very little in personal or anecdotal posts. Therefore most of my posts are crypto related. The link to the post where I shared this research is referenced below.

Incidentally, I deliberately share a personal post from time to time, this is usually some travel adventure or unusual story, because for me it is important for the most loyal of my followers to see more of the person behind the blog. So whether I am sharing about a crazy situation in Albania or when I chased a horse down the street this helps you to connect more with me.

The post needs to be well constructed, easy to read and either informative and relationship building or ideally both. What it doesn't need to be is negative, overly critical and nasty. Sometimes bad news is bad news, but it needs to be framed carefully. Since Christmas I have posted a lot on the oncoming storm as I predicted and it seems at the moment that despite my warnings it has thus far just been a small squall. I shared out of concern for my followers and shared what I have done to consolidate my portfolio for fear (yes I am human) of repeating the mistakes I made in September. In other words while I was reporting on a potentially negative scenario I tried my best to frame in an informative and educational way.

Just a final note on Cointiply.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with it as a free faucet here is a brief outline based on what I have share previously (referenced below)

Cointiply is one of the best regarded faucets around nowadays.

Their business concept is fairly straightforward. Advertisers and content providers pay a fee to Cointiply to promote their services / products. Cointiply reward members in Coins (not a very inventive name, but it does the job). 10,000 Coins are fixed at $1.00.

The standard low maintenance ways a member can be rewarded is:

  • Rolling the faucet wheel twice a day – a minimum of 12 hours apart. While it is possible to get more, generally a roll will reward 10 or 14 Coins with the occasional bonus of 17 Coins for rolling a prime number. Larger rewards are theoretically possible, but so is winning the lottery. Loyalty bonuses up to the amount rolled on the faucet are awarded based on activity. 100 days of consecutive activity leads to a 100% bonus that remains there unless a day is missed.
  • Watching video adverts, which are repeatable. 12 can be watched a day with each one rewarding 12 Coins.
  • Watching PTC adverts that reward between 5 and 20 Coins per advert (they actually say 5 to 50 but I have never seen one above 20).
  • Once 35,000 Coins have been reached annual rewards of 5% are awarded so long as the number of Coins held remain above that number.

Additional earning methods

  • Chat to earn. A chatroom window opens and after chatting for some time rewards are given as a percentage share.
  • Completion of surveys for marketing companies. These are often quite long and take some time, but rewards can be high.
  • Downloading, installing and opening apps. In some cases there may be additional requirements such as making a purchase or in the case of games reaching a certain level. Rewards can be very high but before doing this consider whether such a purchase is worth the Coins reward it yields.
  • Referral bonuses and occasional other bonuses. Recently a Halloween promotion added 1% to the coins earned in any given day.
  • You can risk your Coins by gambling them in house, but again do this and you lose. The Coins are stacked and the house always wins.

Coins can be taken as BitCoin or DogeCoin, but it might just be worth hodling on Cointiply as the value is fixed. Wait for a dip and then buy BitCoin while maintaining at least that magical 35,000 Coins in your Cointiply account.

So if you are not already signed up why not consider it. Join Cointiply

Stay safe, stay well and have a nice day.




I love reading and technology as well as history. I teach English and Business to professional clients as well as soft skills with a focus on communications. I am a big fan of both Sheffield Wednesday and Lincoln City Football clubs


Experienced Business Owner and Coach and Tutor who now trades in Crypto. It is proving to be an interesting journey with so much technical language involved. Follow me as I learn the trade (and how to trade). Made some howling mistakes to begin with, but still learning and will share what I learn as I learn it for the benefit of the community. - RAH

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