How I Made my First Noise BCH

By rah | rah | 15 Aug 2021

Yesterday marked a landmark. In my Noise:Cash experience.

For those of you who have never heard of Noise:Cash it is the little brother (or sister if you prefer) of Read:Cash and is the best social media around.

Many, including me, have described it as a Twitter for crypto and it works in a similar way. People can post and reward posts with hearts. In the most recent incarnation Noise then decides to whether to reward posts (and indeed replies) with micro amounts of BCH.

Much of the posting centres on tipping and there is also a Publish0x chamber – almost certainly unauthorised but a collective of supporters of the same ilk as somebody setting up a Facebook page for their favourite band.

So what got me so excited yesterday was that I achieved my first whole BCH through Noise. Strictly speaking that isn’t quite true as I load my BCH into Celsius so Celsius Rewards have also contributed. However because it is interest on Noise sourced funds it is fair to count it.

So the figures

1 BCH was achieved in 179 days through approximately 32,500 tips

The current value as I write is £493 (as priced on Coinbase) or about £80 per month.

Many people have mixed experiences with Noise and there were lots of early problems with spammers who wanted something for nothing.

What Noise really wants is real engagement and real interest. Much of the interest is of course Crypto but for example I belong to both a football chamber and a Formula 1 one too where discussion is entertaining and engaging. While everybody is protect behind a level of anonymity there is a general kindness about everybody on there and none of the nastiness or trolling that is often associated with other social media. As an example it seems that in the Formula One Chamber I am the only one for Lewis Hamilton and that creates some interesting – but always friendly – discourse. At least two of the people I am referring to are on here and you know who you are and I love you anyway even if you don’t support Lewis lol

So as a summary that is how I achieved my first BCH and one last thing is that I always remember that it is a gift so I remain grateful to both Noise and my fellow Noisers for helping me to achieve this.

As always stay safe and well

So why not join and look me up


(this is not an affiliate link so there is no reward in it for me.)

If however you want to follow my Celsius path feel free to use my referral code to get a free $50 BTC when using it and depositing crypto to the value of $400.

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