Be Very Careful with Cointiply!

By rah | rah | 25 Feb 2021

Just read an article on here (referenced below) about somebody who got burned by the Cointiply Coin Multiplier. Meant in the interest of safeguarding the community it was just a shame he hadn't read my article on the self-same subject a few months ago in which I recommended avoiding the Coin Multiplier. However, this train of thought brought me into thinking that just maybe I should write a bit more about Cointiply's offers. Something that I haven't explored particularly in past articles.

First of all though there is some need for the briefest of introductions. If you want more, please read my fuller review.


Cointiply offers users free crypto in the form of Cointiply Coins (not Crypto in themselves, but 10,000 Coins equate to $1,00) that can be cashed out in the form of BitCoin or DogeCoin once minimum thresholds are met. To earn coins a faucet wheel can be rolled, adverts viewed and other offers including surveys completed. Once holding 35,000 Coins they earn 5% APY which is received in the form of a weekly Coin payout.

Their business model is simple. They get paid to advertise / promote and they reward clients in Coins.

It can be quite time consuming and I would suggest even risky, but more about that in a minute. Personally, I use low risk and time minimal approach in my day to day interactions. I:

  • roll the faucet wheel
  • view the videos
  • look at the PTC (Point-to-Click) adverts
  • maintain at least 35,000 Coins to get the 5% APY
  • Convert to BItCoin during a BitCoin dip.

Now this brings me to the crux of today's article. While I view the ads I absolutely do not trust them at all. This might be being unfair. They feel "scammish" (two Ms?) and I strongly recommend that others follow my lead.

Off the top of my head I seem to recall one offer that rewards 1,500,000 Coins ($150.00) if you load an exchange with $200.00. The exchange was one that I'd never heard of and frankly this offer seems too good to be true. How can something multiply up to $350.00 just like that?

Scammer Rule Number 1: If Something Sounds Too Good to be True it Probably Is

Another issue is that if you utilise their 'one off' installation offers (which I do from time to time) somehow to take full advantage of their offer you end up directed to Google Play and are asked to make a purchase to get the reward


I hated it when a few years ago computer games became more integrated with payments or the need to open accounts. I love Civilization but hate having to deal with Steam when I only want to play the f**king game. Ok I kind of get it if you are playing massively integrated games like World of Warcraft, but there should be a stand alone option too. Even the Sims and SimCity are now over-integrated to maximise software companies revenues.

Don't even get me started on Microsoft Office...

Yes 365 is a superior product but I want to buy it and use it as a stand alone and not have to pay a monthly subscription. If if you force me to do this give me the product for FREE first.

What is more I recently got a new computer and Microsoft are really unhappy that I installed my old Office 2010 on it. Well Microsoft it is mine and when I bought it I bought the licensing for ME to use it. Deal with it!

Sorry about that! Rant over!

Back to my main point. So to summarise, use Cointiply very, very carefully.

As for me I have just taken out my first load of Coins as BitCoin, so let's see if they arrive safely. If they don't you'll be hearing from me again on the matter.

Stay safe and stay well and have a great day!

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