Warning! Do not play the Cointiply multiplier

By Moneyhands | Levin'shub | 25 Feb 2021

After several days of ad clicking on Cointiply,   I finally reach 50,000 points which is the minimum withdrawal threshold for bitcoin on the site. As always, I was looking for ways to maximize my earnings and started trying different offers and came across their multiplier game.

After reading how the multiplier works, I decided to give it a try,
this was my very first time playing the game so I paid very close attention to the instructions.

I wagered up to 10,000 coins and won 4,000 coins at every successful round, that's a 40% profit in just one round. I was feeling like a boss when winning not until when things started changing. I get it, it's normal to lose but this game is highly programmable, there are some scripts running behind the scene. 

The feelings when losing but hoping you must win got me not wanting to quit, at this time I had won a 100% profit on my balance which was at 100,000 coins.You can never win playing the multiplier, the system always knows how to take back it's funds.

However, there's a little secret that can be done to trick the system. 

Changing your IP address 

IP is the short definition of "internet protocol", it acts as a unique identifier of your phone or what-so-ever gadget you might be using. Once you start playing the multiplier, your IP address is sent to Cointiply database which is use to monitor your activities on the game. 

They'll always want to trick you into believing the game is fair by letting you win the first few rounds, so you have to be conscious and observe very closely, once you begin to feel like things are changing, you'll have to quit playing or else you're going to lose all the funds. 

Changing your IP seems like a new player cause it has not yet been recorded in their database, so you'll still given the priveledge of winning another few rounds. 

How to play the multiplier

click at the 3 horizontal line at the top left corner of your screen, click on earn coins and you can see the "play the multiplier"5dcff8b65bcef5f6582b6e426f069f8b355dda0cc41df07c3359f90aac391ae9.jpg

tap, and you'll be redirected to the game. Also before playing the multiplier, you'll have to take advantage of the free coins coming from their chat rain pool. On Cointiply, you earn coins by just chatting with other enthusiast like you and also level up and earn more cointipoints which you can use to buy pods.

Leveling up doesn't increase your earnings in anyway but let you have access to more offers on the site/brag about your position. 

Earn from chat

click on the "start chatting"b2c7efdd28b8c8631bf707a78b6abb3459ee00959b5f7f57af42dc4de5d17979.jpg

a pop up message about how it works will appear, click "I understand"


And the red dot automatically turn to green, when this happen, it means you are qualify to earn from the rain pool


Start playing the multiplier now and get huge % from the rain pool. Basically, you don't have to be chatting to earn, once the red dot turns green, go view some ads/complete offers to earn. 

Cointiply is still a legit site to earn some free bitcoin or dogecoin, just be so cautious if you're playing the multiplier. 

Know more about Cointiply here

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