Quarantine in Sweden July 2 2020

The Corona virus's spread around the world continues.

At 12:00 CET there were approximately 10.7 million people in the world that had tested positive and 516,000 that had fallen Victims to the virus.

About 1.6 million have tested positive in the European Economic Area and 177,000 have died.

In Sweden 70,639 have now tested positive and 5,411 have passed away, This falling number of dead is a clear trend that shows a decrease in deceased for each passing day.

947 people have tested positive in the last 24h, of which 4/5 with mild symptoms and 1/5 with symptoms that need extra care.

2444 have been treated in intensive care and we now see a significant reduction in intensive care patients compared to April when many were in need of intensive care.

Something thats important to report is that the mortality rate this month compared to previous years is the same, no apparent virus increase.


General advice on temporary infection control measures at restaurants, cafes, and bars.

  •  Anyone operating a restaurant must take appropriate steps to avoid crowding on the indoor and outdoor areas to which visitors enter.
    Appropriate measures to avoid crowding may be to
    - furnish differently so as to create space,
    - mark the distance on the floor or otherwise mark the distance that visitors should keep to each other,
    - limit the number of visitors staying at the restaurant at the same time.
    - use alternative solutions for queues such as number tag systems.
  •  Food or drink may only be served to visitors sitting at a table or bar.
    However, visitors can pick up food and drink at a counter, buffet or similar, if it can be done without crowding.
  •  The owner of a restaurant should offer visitors the opportunity to wash their hands with soap and water or offer hands-on liquor.
  •  The owner of a restaurant must inform visitors about how they can reduce the risk of infection.
    General advice and information on how to prevent the spread of infection should be provided at entrances, toilets and other places where visitors are staying. The information should be clearly visible and contain information on the importance of keeping a distance and taking care of their hand hygiene, that food and drink should be consumed sitting at a table or a bar counter.
  • The operator of a restaurant shall ensure that staff receive adequate information on hygiene measures to prevent the spread of infection between visitors.

Stay home if you have the slightest symptoms that may be signs of covid-19


Thankyou for taking the time!


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Quarantine in Sweden
Quarantine in Sweden

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