My Journey with Brave after a month of using (detailed report)

By qsyal | qsyal | 21 Aug 2019

We are in a mad world . There are hundreds or maybe thousands of apps, games , programs uploading on the web everyday . Lots and lots of Advertisements, videos or articles that invite to try a new program or another.And when download this new program, you simply find out that you have wasted your time on trying something that doesn't worth the experience!!! Everyday we face this scenario of exaggeration in description of an app or program and We are all get bored of it .Right?

When I downloaded BRAVE BROWSER  a month ago I was thinking about this broken scenario and I said to myself, "I will not get something interesting . I've tried a lot of browsers and have settled on Chrome for years and I am not going to change it now."

However, I was completely WRONG ...The great features I got were far beyond my anticipations

In this post I will not go into a vicious circle of exaggerations, I will show you my experience ,and I will give you the REAL reasons that It will certainly push you to ditch your old browser (whatever it is) and #SwitchToBrave.

So, without any further ado, let's deep in my my reasons of why you should download Brave today

1_ No Google ads or 3rd party anymore:



I know that this feature is very known of Brave and has been covered plenty in publish0x , but it the first thing that pushed me so hard into Brave browser so I could not ignore it .

This browser blocks annoying ads in a much more professional way than any AdBlock extension...Let me explain:Many sites have become aware of  AdBlock extensions and are annoyed by this, so a lot of sites when you browse, it put what called a "paywall" which gives you the choice between cancel AdBlock extension and watch ads or buy a subscription so in many cases you have to watch annoying ads or pay money to avoid them. However, that won't last any longer , This browser is not only able to block ads but it is also able to get around  most of paywalls .You no longer have to worry about installing any extension to block ads , You just have to start browsing and you will find sites opening to you without any ads ,paywalls and registration requirements. Everything is working by default!!

Even better , Brave takes things one step further by blocking 3rd party trackers . Thousands of trackers follow you to find out what you are doing online. They take your data to sell to advertising companies in an odious way as if users are just products for them. Brave is trying to fight this broken kind of exploitation. With Brave you are not a product. So you can browse safely without having to worry about someone recording what you're doing

Trust me, You will never be able to find any extension or program  blocks 3rd party trackers as Brave does.


2_ Brave ads instead of Google ads:


image sorce

Some people do not have any problem with ads .They don't find them something annoying ,furthermore they think that ads are useful as they propose to them products and other things they are really interested in. Ads save them effort and time. Instead of bothering to find the products they want, ads will do the job and offer them what they need directly... 

As everybody know Google  puts targeted ads by using the data it collects from its users.Unfortunately, in order to get these personalized advertisements, Google violates the privacy of users and keeps their data on its  centralized servers. In my opinion, this is very dangerous  ,There is no guarantee that this data is actually safe.A single hacking attack on Google's servers could leak confidential information about thousands or millions of people!!!Most people who use Google services find themselves forced to "sacrifice" their data in return for these services

For those people who prefer to view ads, Brave Browser will provide them with a revolutionary and wonderful alternative technology...It is BRAVE ADS!

Brave Ads are served on the Brave Browser  that means  Brave  does not store our information on its centralized servers, but will store them  on our own devices and use that to serve targeted advertisements.So , if you are using Brave you will find your data is safely stored in the "appdata" folder on your computer.

This revolutionary technique called "zero knowledge proof ". Brave is utilizing this technology to protect user's privacy and provide them with smart targeted ads without collecting any personal information .

That's great but it doesn't stop here,Brave will give you the right to get paid for viewing ads on the internet!! Yes, Brave browser considers the attention of users important and valuable so it rewards them for this attention. In very simple words  this browser is respectful enough to pay us most of its revenue from advertising

Each time you are shown an ad, you get 70% of the ad revenue share in form of BAT tokens. I think that's the best way to attract more people into the cryptocurrency space away from  fiat currency. 

Best of all, the ads feature is optional, so you can activate or deactivate it whenever you want !

To sum it up :with Brave browser You will get wanted ads + protect your privacy +enjoy earning some money

3_ BAT token:


As I mentioned above Brave Browser will pay you BAT tokens for viewing  ads, but what is BAT token exactly? And does it worth?

Well, Basic Attention Token (BAT) project is an open-source, decentralized ad exchange platform built on the Ethereum platform. The project is going to address fraud and opaqueness in digital advertising.

BAT is the engine and the fuel of everything happens on the Brave platform... This token will be used to reward both publishers and users

"The token aims to correctly price user attention within the platform. Advertisers pay BAT to website publishers for the attention of users."

There are so many things happening that make me believe that BAT will be among the most used crypto in the space soon .Helmed by JavaScript creator and Mozilla Firefox cofounder "Brendan Eich" Brave's team is making huge efforts to improve this token and make it more famous and effective. A single look at the official site is more than  enough to realize that. 

Although I will not be able to write here everything they have done because their feats are too many and diverse , but I'm going to mention one of their partnerships which I find very important and promising:

Barcelona – Feb. 26, 2019:

Brave Software and and TAP Network announced a partnership at Mobile World Congress that will allow Brave users to redeem Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) for real-world rewards offered by over 250,000 top brand partners in the TAP Network

Brave users will be able to redeem earned tokens for hotel stays worldwide, restaurant vouchers, exclusive entertainment experiences, as well as gift cards from top national brands including Amazon, Starbucks, Uber, Apple and many more.They will also be able to contribute to the Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, World Wildlife Fund, and hundreds of other charitable causes via TAP Network. Brave will be extending this partnership to include mobile platforms by the end of 2019.

Source of news

In my view this partnership shows that BAT is a strong candidate to be among the top 10 cryptocurrencies .It's the first time I've seen a token that has partnered with the greatest 2,500 brands in the world. 

Tokens that you will easily collect from this browser will be a successful investment. Since you download Brave  ,You have uncomplicated wallet built right into your browser . You can easily earn BAT tokens by opting in to viewing ads in the setting.After earning tokens, you can use them to tip your favorite content, buy a gift cards from Amazon, buy subscriptions form sites like The Washington Post, Vimeo ...etc, Or you can be more intelligent and HOLD your tokens for a for a year or two.I will not be surprised if I see the price of this token soaring to 5X or 10X in the coming months!!

Together BAT and brave browser are Raising big waves in crypto field

4_ Private window with Tor:


Private window is a popular feature in Chrome. When you use it, your browser does not save your cookies but it does not make you anonymous at all!! This makes you hidden from yourself not from trackers who are following you !It could be said that this feature is useless in the Chrome browser. However,Private window with Tor in Brave Browser is at a completely different level. The browser protects you with layers of privacy and security.let me explain:

When you are inside a Private Window with Tor, Brave doesn’t connect directly to a website like normal. Instead, you connect to a chain of three different computers in the volunteer-run Tor network.

From the perspective of the websites you visit, it looks like your connection is coming from that last Tor computer — sites don’t learn your real IP address.

Related article 

Even better you can take advantage of Tor network by a simple one click, there is nothing complicated about that ,you don't have to be an expert to  use it. Just a click is enough to make you in a high level of secure. Furthermore, This browser suggests you to use "DuckDuckGo" search engine instead of Google. Why? Simply because, Unlike Google, DuckDuckGo does not record searches for users at all !

It's a very creative feature .It shows how serious the Brave's team is to protect the privacy of their users, I'm really grateful to them for that


5_ More than 3X faster than Chrome and it is better for your battery:



This is well known feature for Brave Browser so I will not talk too long about it ...It is one of the "positive side-effects" of blocking ads and  3rd-party trackers which not only disturbs you and violates your privacy but also unnecessarily consumes your internet data, Which will result in paralysis of the Internet and the browser especially when you keep a lot of tabs open

Even worse,Your battery also endures a lot of pressure due to the unwarranted presence of advertisements and  3rd-party trackers ,as all the scripts for ad tracking require CPU usage.

With Brave Browser you will forget all of that .Brave will rest your device and battery, And your movement between sites will be faster ,more enjoyable and more flexible .You will only be able to feel the difference when you try this browser. 


6_ Chrome's extensions, bookmarks and settings:


Google Chrome browser has a lot of cons and a few pros. One of its few pros is that it has a plenty of extensions which are very useful to any user on the internet. That is one of  the main reasons why some people become "slaves" to Chrome (despite all its flaws) and can not change it to any other browser . Brave's team was smart enough to realize this fact and find an effective solution to it...

Brave Browser is run on the Chromium engine which makes you able to use ALL chrome's extensions on brave without any problem.You can simply enter the Google Chrome store and install any extension you want . It's that simple

To import you old bookmarks and settings,the process is easier than you can imagine .Just a click is enough to import ِALL your bookmarks and settings In your previous browser  in less than a minute!


7_ Attractive and gorgeous appearance:



I will never get bored with Brave ...Every time I use Brave browser, I get more impressed with the  design team. This team has thought of everything from the finest technological and security details to the beautiful and decent appearance. Every time I use this browser a new theme appears to me. An image of a space rocket ,a picture of an African forest, a great beach shot, or a beautiful view of the mountains...etc. Instead of the boring blank window of Chrome , Brave has a plenty of attractive themes that  will give you a push of positive energy every time you look at it (You definitely need this positive energy especially if you are trading altcoins in this bearish market LOL).



That was my journey with Brave Browser after about one month of using...
I hope I have been able to describe this wonderful browser...

To all people that is still using Chrome I say:
You have to be more than a product...
You have to get rid of the old broken Chrome...
Most importantly, you have to have the Bravery To #SwitchToBrave.

Be Proud , Be Brave


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