Catching The Sunset In Uluwatu Temple, Bali
Catching Sunset at Uluwatu Temple Bali

Catching The Sunset In Uluwatu Temple, Bali

By putu300 | putu300 | 15 Feb 2020

Uluwatu or the cliff edge is the most southern tip of Bali island. And in just the very edge of the cliff, a temple was built nearly a century ago. Nowadays, the Balinese Hindu temple stil visit the temple to worship the God.

The temple is well maintained by the local people. It was surrounded by bushes and forests, but now visitors can easily follows many paths to reach the temple built through the forest.

The sun was blazing its hot rays from the west sky when I entered the temple area. I still had 1,5 hour before the sun vanished in the horizon.

My plan was to walk from a cliff located few hundred meters north of the temple. I would take photos walking along the way to the temple, then walk pass the temple to south cliff which will end up in an amphitheater where a dance show was performed. So, in short: north cliff, temple, south cliff, finish in amphitheater,.

The North Cliff

Since I started in the middle, I had to make my way to the north cliff. There was a passage in the north side of the temple leading me to the north. I took this passage. And there was a big statue of Kumbakarna (a king from Ramayana epic) fighting against monkeys near the passage that I took photo.

The temple main entrance (the middle area). Visitors can enter here, or use alternative paths in northern and southern side.

A scene of fight between Kumbakarna and monkeys from Ramayana Epic.

Oh, monkeys! There are a lot of monkeys roaming around in the temple and the forests nearby. They also climbed on the walls, and temple roofs.

Being in a barren soil, there are not so many source of food for them. That's why they become very "creative". They could still people glasses, hair clip, and even smartphone. They would return the stolen goods in exchange with food.

The monkeys were also playing on the wall along the path on the cliff. When walking along the path, the monkeys could jump on the visitors and took their belongings.

The monkeys were sitting on the wall along the cliff.

Sometimes, the monkeys steal people belongings.

It's called macaque fascilaris, the grey furred long tail monkey. They spread out in forests in Bali and Indonesia. Also in Thailand, Vietnam and Philippine

A monkey was stealing a sun block, luckily the owner got it back.

So, you have to be careful here.

The UluwatuTemple

The ancient temple on the cliff edge, and the beach 90 meter below.

From the edge on the north, there was a clear view of the temple when I looked to the south. I could also see the beach 90 meter below under the cliff. There was a path to go down to the beach, but I was not going to go there.

Far away on the Hindian Ocean some fishing boats began their journey for the night to catch fish. Maybe they would be back the firs thing in the morning the next day.

I saw some monkeys sitting on the wall, I took photos of them. I wonder what they were doing other than trying to steal something. Maybe they also waiting for the sun set.

Following the path along the cliff from north, I arrived in the temple. The temple seem empty. Not so many tourist there. Most of them have walked down to the amphitheater to watch Kecak Dance or standing on the sun set point in southern cliff.

The stairs to the temple

The temple entrance gate. It is only open for those who come to pray.

The inner yard, where the Balinese Hindu worship the God.

It was a small temple, but very important for Balinese. It is the temple to worship God Baruna, or the God of the sea.

The Southern Cliff and Amphitheater

As I descended to the southern cliff, the sun was getting closer to horizon. Many tourist flocking at the cliff edge holding their camera and smartphone facing the reddish sky and the temple.

The southern cliff, people were walking toward the amphitheatre.

Some tourist preferred just to wait for the sunset and did not watch the dance performance.

The Kecak Dance

Every evening the Kecak Dance performed at 6 PM. Kecak dance is a dance that does not use musical instrument, rather the dancers imitate the sound of Balinese music like a choir.

The show depicted a story of a Ramayana. (the journey of Prince Rama saving his wife Sitha with the help of Hanuman: the monkey god, and the fight against the evil Rahwana).

When the sun was disappearing in behind the clouds, it's time for the boats to depart to the open sea.

Look at how many people watching the kecak dance. In this scene, Hanoman, the monkey god, meet Sitha.

Hanoman was captured by the enemies and then burnt in fire.

Hanoman managed to escape and even cause damages to his enemies palace because he kicked fire all over the place.

An hour later, the show was over. All the people left the show and the temple. They looked happy. And that's my adventure for that day.


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