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Exploring The Juwuk Manis Waterfall

24 Nov 2020 2 minute read 8 comments putu300

It was Sunday morning when I took my family to go to Juwuk Manis Waterfall, Jembrana, Bali, Indonesia. I have not been working in tourism since March this year and so it was about time for me to go for another adventure.  I have not been to this pa...

A Trip To Melanting Temple in West Bali

16 Nov 2020 1 minute read 0 comments putu300

Hello everyone, I'd like to share about my trip to the temple in West Bali. It was another holy day celebration called Kuningan Day. On the Kuningan Day many Balinese would go to different temples in their village or to the temples further away from...

Visiting A Beautiful Temple Called "Kehen" Temple

18 Jul 2020 2 minute read 5 comments putu300

Kehen temple is located in Bangli regency of Bali, Indonesia. I went there some weeks ago. Kehen means fire. So, the temple is a temple to worship the God of fire or Sang Hyang Agni. Arriving in the front area of the temple, I saw the temple gate. It...

A Mini Tour into The Bamboo Hotel in Bali

10 Jul 2020 3 minute read 3 comments putu300

This was my trip to a bamboo hotel before the COVID-19.  I went to hotel which was made of bamboo. It is called Bambu Indah Resort, and in English means, beautiful bamboo. I went on this trip to look around the hotel. You could say that this is my Ba...

Waiting for The Sunset at Tanah Lot Temple

9 Jul 2020 2 minute read 1 comment putu300

Hi Everyone, I'd like to share my visit to Tanah Lot Temple in Bali. This was before the COVID-19.  Here you are:   I have visited this temple so many times to see the sunset but most time I did not see it. There were many reasons for this. It...

My Visit To The Water Palace: Tirta Gangga

8 Jul 2020 2 minute read 0 comments putu300

I walked from the parking area through the small lane toward the water palace. They were some sellers along the lane who offer me to fish food. "Food for the fish!" that's what they said. A packet cost 5000 rupiahs or (USD 40 cents), and they came i...

Going Cycling to The Countryside

6 Jul 2020 1 minute read 0 comments putu300

  Hi Everyone,  this is my first time sharing my video here. I went to the countryside near my home one afternoon.  Even though the weather was bad (it was cloudy), but I decided to just gave it a go. The road was good and easy to ride on. It was a...

Visiting Butterfly Park in Tabanan Bali, Indonesia

5 Jul 2020 2 minute read 1 comment putu300

 A pond near the entrance at Bali Butterfly Park. When you see this photo, you know that this is a butterfly park. Well, yes, I 'd like to share with you about  the Bali Butterfly Park. The staff at the park was very friendly, they even offered me co...

A Cyling Trip Through Villages in Bali

4 Jul 2020 2 minute read 6 comments putu300

 Among the bamboo trees along the farm area. I went on a bicycling trip with my clients in Bongkasa village a few weeks ago. The local company which operated the cycling was called Bali Extreme cycling. (I like the sound of extreme!). That made me in...

My Journey to The Elephant Cave

4 Jul 2020 1 minute read 1 comment putu300

 The Goa Gajah or the elephant cave was located in a valley called River of Elephant. I went to Goa Gajah or the elephant cave just months ago. Goa Gajah is a monastery built in XI century by the Hindu and Buddhist monks in Bali. Buried in the middle...


Personal Favorite Shots (1)

25 Nov 2020 Ghous

26 November 2020
Wow, beautiful photos!

Exploring The Juwuk Manis Waterfall

24 Nov 2020 putu300

25 November 2020
Thanks so much. Glad you like the photos.

Exploring The Juwuk Manis Waterfall

24 Nov 2020 putu300

25 November 2020
Yup, indeed. Walking the stairs was something to be remembered 🤣

Exploring The Juwuk Manis Waterfall

24 Nov 2020 putu300

25 November 2020
Thank you. Have a great day.

Exploring The Juwuk Manis Waterfall

24 Nov 2020 putu300

24 November 2020
Thanks. You should come to Bali when you are able to.

Trip to Portugal - Vila Chã Beach

22 Nov 2020 portugal

24 November 2020
The beach seems pretty quiet in the morning. But's calming and beautiful.

Pulau Sibuan, Borneo, Malaysia - it's not only beautiful beaches and coral reefs.

23 Nov 2020 marianomariano68

24 November 2020
Wow, beautiful beach with the clean blue water!

Visiting A Beautiful Temple Called "Kehen" Temple

18 Jul 2020 putu300

18 July 2020
Thanks so much.

Visiting A Beautiful Temple Called "Kehen" Temple

18 Jul 2020 putu300

18 July 2020
Hello, thanks for visiting.

A Cyling Trip Through Villages in Bali

4 Jul 2020 putu300

05 July 2020
Halo, makasih..

A Cyling Trip Through Villages in Bali

4 Jul 2020 putu300

05 July 2020
Yup, it was great adventure cycling through village roads and among rice farms. Thanks.

A Cyling Trip Through Villages in Bali

4 Jul 2020 putu300

05 July 2020
Thank you so much.

Easy Trekking to Munduk Waterfall in Munduk Village, Bali, Indonesia

30 Jun 2020 putu300

01 July 2020
Thanks so much for your feedback. I really appreciate it.

Do You Know the COS.TV Community? 📺

28 Jun 2020 geocrypto

29 June 2020
Interesting. I will sign up with your referral code.

Visiting Serangan Island aka The Turtle Island

28 Jun 2020 putu300

28 June 2020
You're welcome. And thanks for your visit.

Starting over again - Learning how to code in my middle age (fun, fun fun!)

13 Jun 2020 NewToCrypto

21 June 2020
I am still looking to do something. I thought to learn about coding, but this seems beyond my grasp as I don't have any background knowledge about this. I work as a tour guide, but since the tourism has gone because of covid, I need to do something else for living.

The Waterfall Inside the Bali Tropical Forest

18 Jun 2020 putu300

21 June 2020
Yes, it is . Thanks .

The Waterfall Inside the Bali Tropical Forest

18 Jun 2020 putu300

21 June 2020
Thanks for dropping by. Will do that.

The Waterfall Inside the Bali Tropical Forest

18 Jun 2020 putu300

18 June 2020
Thank you and followed 🙂.

The Scenic Journey to Benel Dam, West Bali

31 May 2020 putu300

02 June 2020
Thanks for visiting. Surely there about the wildlfe, especially birds, but I don't have the proper camera for that. Thanks again.

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Thanks, Publish0x, for 100 followers!

14 Jun 2020 1 minute read comments Tao of Satoshi

Hello, kind people of Publish0x! Just dropping a little note here to thank you for all of the support I've received since I started posting my Cash Alternative TV content here. I feel at home here, and I'm glad that a platform like this exists to cel...



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