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Starting At Level Zero: From Missing Out On $160k In Crypto Gains To Living In My Car

By PurerForm | PurerForm | 11 Dec 2021

This is my first post, and I think you’ll quickly come to realize I focus on three things, here: the strange circumstances of my current life, spirituality in modern context, and cryptocurrency.

I think crypto is neat. It was really neat to catch wind of where it was going, before all the major hype this year.

Thankfully I’m a Brave Browser user. The full page ads that showed up whenever I’d open a new tab, their ad rewards program, and their built in crypto wallet kind of all worked together to catch my attention.

I started thinking, “Wow, they must be getting ready to take this crypto stuff mainstream, huh?”

It was really neat to click on one of their ads and discover a project with really amazing potential. An idea I’d never seen before, but that I quickly intuited would be a winner.

I thought, “Man, I should really get my crap together, and stop moping about my position in life. I should at least learn how to set up a wallet, throw a hundo in on this token and see what happens.”



This is usually a good time to act



Oh man, and the thing is-- I didn’t! It was really neat a couple months later when that coin went 100x. And how much had I invested? Not a cent.

It was even neater months later when it went up again. And then after that when it went up again... and then again. Each time I told myself, of course, that I should at least throw a hundred bucks in.

It’s really neat to look back and realize you were right. That the quiet voice of God inside of you sometimes grows louder when you’re being confronted by possibility. That everything in this universe often aligns in your favor, if you can just see past the illusion of your physical circumstances, and realize we’ve been given a chance to receive the reality that we’re destined for. Provided we can trust in the One who designed this thing, heed his voice in our intuition, and act…

Hahaha! …and sometimes you play a joke on yourself, because it was never really about the money. It was about learning to love yourself, and have faith enough to make the right decisions at the right time. Because nothing in your external world is bound to change, unless you change the way you feel about yourself, and your perception of what’s possible in life.

Hi. I’m Steve and I’m homeless right now, living out of a car that doesn’t move much, and the token I’m talking about is of course, GALA Games. Every heard of it? It seemed like very few had until the recent Metaverse hype, and yet, it was doing pretty good without Elon Musk tweeting about it. The difference here is that GALA Games has been building an ecosystem that I’m pretty sure people are going to want to use for years to come. And if I had invested that $100 roughly a year ago, those coins would be valued at over $160,000 by my reckoning.

But dogs are cute.

Follow my posts, and I will show you the process of an eccentric, spiritual 31 year old man going from a former place of pain and poverty, to one of utter prosperity and bliss, because building a relationship with the Gamemaker changes the Game.

By the way, I wrote this outside of a laundromat, with a laptop that has to be plugged into the wall, and it’s about 12:54 AM where I’m at. Just know you can make it, no matter what your position in life.

Invest early, but seriously, invest in yourself. You’re worth it, my friends. God bless you all.

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This project, PurerForm, travels far from the beaten path. It’s about consciousness, experimental storytelling, interdimensional fantasy, and a possible blockchain project with free NFTs. I’m attempting to build a non-transactional community based in cooperative principles, love and freely giving. The blockchain part is optional, though. Most or all of the content will remain free for everyone.

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